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When your home has suffered major water damage from a hurricane or a major storm, it can be extremely overwhelming to handle. Just the cleanup can be a nightmare in itself. Then there is the insurance money to think of. You may think, “How will I ever get enough to cover all of the damages?” Well, it all starts by calling an expert public adjuster in Atlantis. The experienced team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters will work hard on your behalf to help process your insurance claim. This means you won’t have to fight your insurance company alone. 


Our expert public adjusters take care of the claims process for you to ensure the maximum compensation you deserve! We guarantee we can negotiate your claim successfully or you pay us nothing. 


What Can You Expect From a Public Adjuster in Atlantis, FL? 


Most people who have been through the claims process will tell you that filing a claim with your insurance company can be very frustrating. That’s because things can get complex very quickly which is why it’s best to call your Atlantis public adjuster as soon as possible. Our team is there every step of the way and we won’t stop fighting for you until we get you the maximum settlement you deserve to make your repairs. Although water damage is one of the most commonly filed claims that we deal with, we also work with claims for Hurricane Damage; Theft & Vandalism; Broken Pipe Damage; Fire & Smoke Damage; Storm Damage; Flooding Damage and much more.


If your insurance company isn’t responding, has offered you less than half of what you need to repair the damages, or worse yet, totally denied your claim, it’s time to call on the skilled public adjusters at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. We tailor a game plan just for you so that we can work together towards achieving your best settlement possible. We can photograph your claim, document the extent of the damage, process your claim,

 and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. We will even represent you in court if it ever comes to that (most of our cases are settled out of court). The sooner we start building your case, the better.  


We Guarantee We Will Get You More Money to Pay for Your Repairs!

If you’ve already applied for your claim and your insurance company has come back with an offer that is less than satisfactory—don’t despair—we guarantee we will get you more than enough money to fix all of your damages. The insurance claims process can be complicated, and these complexities can often result in an underpaid claim. But when you hire Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters in Plantation to fight for your rights, we promise we will get you a more than fair claim settlement. You can rest assured that you are in good hands. We work with all different kinds of insurance claims every day, and we know the tricks insurance companies use to pay you less than you deserve. They may try to deny or underpay your claim, but we can provide all the necessary paperwork and estimates you’ve obtained to get you the money you need! 


Why should you trust us over your insurance company’s adjuster? 

If you suffered roof or water damage and had to file a claim, then you probably were less than happy with the outcome if you’ve decided to view this page. You thought you paid your homeowners or business insurance premiums for a reason, yet when it came time to file an insurance claim, your insurance company either underpaid you or denied your claim completely. Why does this happen? Because the insurance companies are a business and businesses don’t like to lose money. Paying out millions of dollars in claims every year for water damage claims due to hurricanes or other natural disasters makes insurance companies downright stingy. So, if you don’t have a public adjuster in Plantation in your corner yet, you can be assured of the same outcome next time you file a claim. Isn’t it time your insurance company paid you back? At Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, our insurance adjuster team is experienced and extremely knowledgeable in the insurance game. If you’re interested in re-opening your claim because it was underpaid or you’re just preparing for this hurricane season, you can rely on Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, a public adjuster in Plantation serving all of South Florida, to be there for you! We are dedicated to making sure that you have the maximum amount of money you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation toll-free at (888) 44-ALPHA or locally at (954) 218-7546 to get started.

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