3 Benefits of Having a Public Adjusters Help

While living anywhere in the United States will put you at some risk for a natural disaster to occur, living in South Florida seems to take the cake. Florida seems to get many of the different natural disasters and at extreme levels. For instance, we have hurricanes which sometimes result in tornados happening. We also have summers filled with storms and heavy rain, both causes of water damage and mold damage in homes. While we have much to celebrate living in Florida, we also need to exercise caution and be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. The best way to do that is by having a public adjuster from Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters on your side. Our team can handle all of your disaster and damage claims so you don’t need to. Filing a claim is a process we all have to go through at one point, and after doing it once no one wants to deal with the hassle of it again. Unfortunately, many of us do need to go through the process again; however, not unless you have a public adjuster. This is only one of the many benefits though, keep reading to learn more.

Saves You Time

After a hurricane happens you are going to be more than likely be expected to get back to work the next day, unless the city is quite literally destroyed. Although, the average hurricane here does not do that. With life resuming as normal the next day you are not going to have the time or patience to deal with the insurance company. This is especially true if you are busy throughout the entire day until you go to sleep. With a public adjuster, you don’t have to worry about finding the time to file a claim because we can do it for you.

Avoid the Insurance Lingo

When on the phone with the insurance company you are probably going to hear some terms being used that sound like a foreign language. Insurance companies do this on purpose because they know that the average person will not know all of their terminologies. This is also making the claim much more confusing to fill out, which as a result takes more time and runs the risk of it being incorrectly filled out. Trust us when we say, you do not want to incorrectly fill it out. This could lead to you either not getting the full amount of compensation for your damages or getting no money at all because of your claim being denied. The only way to prevent that from happening is to have a public adjuster do your claim for you so it is correct the first time around.


Sometimes the insurance company is going to want to speak with you over the phone to further discuss the damage done to your home. This will result in a long phone call about your claim and whether the damage is properly represented on it. This method of theirs could result in you getting less than you deserve. However, with a public adjuster on your team, you will not need to worry about spending time going back and forth on the phone with the insurance companies. We will do this part for you. We know the ins and outs of the insurance industry and can negotiate so you get the most out of your claim. The insurance companies know we know what we are talking about and will not be able to short us your compensation.

If you have been affected by property damage then you may be thinking about what your next move is. Well, look no further than Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. We can do everything for you from filling out the claim to handling the negotiations. Our team will stand by your side until you get the reparations you deserve. Don’t let the insurance companies short you or make your claim more confusing than it needs to be, let our team help you. To learn more about Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters and our many services, give us a call today or stop by our office!

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