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It’s a Smart Move to Call a Public Adjuster in Golden Gate to Help File Your Hurricane Claim. Here’s Why!

When you live in Golden Gate, FL for any length of time, you learn how to prepare for a hurricane like an expert. From making sure you have enough bread and water to put up shutters to hunkering down in a shelter or a small bathroom to wait out the storm. Typically, after a devastating storm, flooding is a significant concern. But there are ways to ensure that your home is protected before a storm hits. Although no one can predict what devastation a storm will leave in its wake, there are a few ways that you can secure your home before one hit. First, you’ll want to check your homeowner’s policy to check your water damage coverage. To help with water damage, you should consider hiring a public adjuster to help you understand your coverage and the confusing language that often plagues property insurance agreements. Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters in Golden Gate, FL is a great choice. 

Our licensed professional adjusters have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know how to get you the best monetary settlement if you suffer any damage or loss to your home after a storm.

What if my home is in a flood zone?

If your property is situated in a flood zone, you are required by FEMA to purchase separate flood insurance because that is not normally covered on your homeowner’s policy. 

If you are a first-time homeowner in South Florida, you may not know that flooding is considered separate from water damage; that’s why a second policy is needed. Even if you’re not in a flood zone, it’s a great idea to have the coverage just in case because it’s relatively inexpensive. A public adjuster like Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters can help you make sense of your homeowner’s and flood insurance policies. 

Should I have my roof inspected before a storm?

It’s also a great idea to have your roof inspected BEFORE the threat of a storm. Loose flying tiles can act as a catapult in a storm, or small holes that have gone undetected might give way and leave you with a messy wet, and moldy situation inside your home. South Florida roofs are susceptible to wear from sun, rain, and storm exposure over time. That’s why your insurance company might claim a preexisting condition if you file a claim for damages. A call to the experienced team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters offers you the fastest way to help sort that out.

Are you ready to learn more?

If you’ve been a victim of a denied claim and feel it’s unjust, reach out to the dedicated team of public adjusters at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters in Plantation. That’s because we will get you the money you deserve to make your repairs guaranteed. 

One of the first calls you should make if you’ve suffered hurricane damage is a public claims adjuster. Call us BEFORE you call your insurance company. We can help you properly document all costs, take photographs, and make sure that your claim is filed on time. And if it has been denied, we will work to reverse that decision.  We guarantee we will help you reopen your claim to get the compensation you deserve to make your repairs. If you’re looking for a public insurance adjuster, call our talented team to see how we can save you stress, time, and money! The sooner you call the certified public adjusters at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, the better. Call us today for a free consultation toll-free at (866) 637-2607. You’ll be glad you did! With hurricane season already in full swing with more storms on the way, it’s good to know you can trust our exceptionally skilled team to help you with any insurance claims that may arise. We’ve reviewed over one thousand claims, and we have over thirty years of experience. Whether you’re looking for information or looking to file a claim, call us today. We are here for you 24/7!

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