Make the Most of Your Water Damage Claim: Contact a Lake Placid Public Adjuster

Life in Florida is like a paradise to many who are lucky enough to live here. It’s like you’re on vacation nearly 365 days per year. Seniors from the North can’t wait to retire down here, and families are attracted by the warm weather and many affordable gated communities. You can’t go wrong with Florida’s white-sand beaches, warm waters, lush tropical foliage, and warm days of sunshine pretty much all year round. Some say the one downside is the threat of hurricanes. Floridians live with the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms from June to November, a nerve-inducing, six-month period. When a hurricane strikes, it’s often accompanied by a host of flooding and water damage conditions that can wreak havoc with your property in Lake Placid both inside and out. So, you’ll want to call your insurance company to file a claim as soon as possible or risk making a situation that’s already bad even worse. But insurance companies don’t always play fair with their policyholders. Insurance policies can also be confusing, to say the least. Why not save yourself some time and frustration by calling a top Florida public adjuster like Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. Our exceptional team is here to help you navigate the dizzying legal language that insurance policies are famous for. Unfortunately, your insurance company won’t always give you what you need to make your repairs and might seek to settle for very little money or deny your claim altogether. When this happens, call the team with years of experience. The public adjusters at  Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters are available 24/7 and can help you get the best possible monetary settlement for your water damage claim in Lake Placid.

Water damage does not play favorites!

In less naturally occurring instances, water damage can rear its ugly head at any time. Perhaps you have a pipe that burst, a leaking dishwasher, a leaky roof, or even a leaking air conditioning unit? Or you’ve noticed water in a wall because your wall feels wet to the touch? Maybe you hadn’t noticed your leak until it was too late to manage it, and now mold and other fungus have grown from an overabundance of moisture and humid conditions. When it’s evident that you have water damage, it’s time to get out your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what water damage coverage you have for your property.

How can I help prevent future water damage to my home in Lake Placid?

If you live in Lake Placid, you often need to take steps before a disaster strikes to get your roof, air conditioning units, and appliances checked every year, especially if they have some miles on them. One of the most common disasters that can ravage your home before you notice it is water damage. It’s one of the most common claims insurance adjusters deal with. You expect that your insurance company will compensate you fairly for the damages. But unfortunately, this is not always the case! Your insurance company will try and pay you as little as possible. That’s why you need Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters on your side. We’ve handled this type of water damage claim in many Florida communities time and time again. Let us take the burden off you—after all, you’ve got enough to worry about. We take on the hassle of filing and negotiating for you. Our team of experienced adjusters has 30 years of experience with every type of property insurance claim. One of the most common disasters occurring in properties is water damage. Contact us today at (866) 637-2607 to learn more about how we can help you get the money you deserve for your water damage claim in Lake Placid!

We look forward to assisting you in getting the maximum amount of money from your insurance company!

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