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Water damage can be a perennial problem for those living in Cape Coral. Have you ever had an experience having filed an insurance claim that was denied by your insurance provider? Most homeowners do not know that almost all damages that may occur are actually covered by home insurance. An insurance certificate of cover has a varying extent of coverage. You need to examine and understand the certificate of cover to determine the extent of your coverage. Consult a Cape Coral insurance adjuster to guide you in interpreting your home insurance policy so that you can make your insurance claims a success.

For most Floridians, the road to recovery after experiencing flash flooding is a big headache. Seeing your home in total disarray is an emotional pain. You may be stunned for a while and not know what to do. Calling a good public adjuster should be your first step. Alpha Public Adjusters will make your recovery efforts as smooth as possible. If flooding in Cape Coral damages your home, don’t panic, just relax and call our team. We can file your flood damage insurance claim for you.

We’re here to fight for you and make sure your claim gets paid quickly and for the amount you deserve. 

As soon as floodwater ebbs down, the first thing that we thought to be the best thing to do is to start the cleanup and drying process. To your surprise, your insurance company may have a good reason to deny your insurance claim or reduce the amount of your claim for lack of proof of damages you suffered.

Here are the simple steps for an effective road to recovery:

  • Inform your insurance company of the occurrence of flooding in your home and seek the assistance of a property assessor or public insurance adjuster for a fair assessment of property damages.
  • Make sure that your home is safe; check it out with the help of a structural engineer.
  • Take photos of damaged properties inside your home before attempting to salvage any properties that can be used, restored, and repaired.
  • Make an inventory of damaged or lost items and have your property assessor assess its lost value, acquisition costs, and replacement or restoration costs.
  • Avoid switching electricity; call an electrician to do it for you.
  • Call the cleanup and drying out service provider to do the expert job for you. They know how to disinfect your home and completely dry your home.

Everything has been done with proper documentation and certainly, your insurance claim damages are well supported by independent professionals’ assessment on their own field. There will be no reason that your insurance provider will deny or reduce the amount of your claims. Alpha Public Adjusters will help make your claim get filed correctly so you don’t risk having it denied or underpaid. 

To process your insurance claim is not a simple matter. You need to have convincing proof to do so in order that you can get fair and deserving compensation for the damages to your home. Contact Alpha Public Adjusters to assist you in processing your claims against your insurance provider and get a fair damage settlement. We will help build your claim and get you the proper compensation. When you need a Cape Coral public adjuster, count on the team at Alpha Public Adjusters.

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