The Alpha Experience

Experience ALPHA

Our Team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters knows all too well (we have been there ourselves) that when you experience damage to your home or business its not just about receiving money to rebuild. Sure, you want to be properly compensated from your insurance carrier for your loss and we are experts in claim representation and recovery, but we offer so much more. When representing an individual, family, business or association we take the time during our initial consult to sit down and truly understand not only your claim, but the needs you will have throughout the claim process. These can be as basic as proper expectations solid communication and good customer service.

Everyone’s needs are different so each claim and situation has to be handled differently. Some of your needs may include the following:

  • Temporary housing for you and/or your family
  • Temporary kitchen being set up so you do not need to leave your home if you choose not to. (When you have children or elderly living with you, moving to a hotel or rental property is not always feasible.)
  • Water and Mold remediation services to make sure the property is dry and not harmful to live in while your claim is in process.
  • Tarping your roof so you do not have further damage occurring while waiting for money to put a new roof on.
  • Securing Advances from your carrier to buy food, clothing, furniture etc..
  • Securing advances do you can pay employees, order merchandise etc..

Experience the ALPHA Difference

Regardless of the type of claim or needs you will have, when you hire Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters to represent your claim we take a holistic view of the situation and tend to the specific needs of each and every one of our clients. Experience the Alpha Difference and call us today for your free initial consultation and policy review.