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State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Citrus Ridge Public Insurance Adjuster
Citrus Ridge FL 32966  – Neighborhood: Village Square/Veranda
Claim Type: Broken Drain Line – Water Backup
Insurance Company Original Offer: $13,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $49,000
Percentage Increase: +270%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Citrus Ridge Public Insurance Adjuster
Citrus Ridge FL 32967  – Neighborhood: 
Claim Type: Falling Object – Tree Branch – Roof Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $0.00 Under Deductible
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $23,000 ( New Roof)
Percentage Increase: +23,000%

What will a Public Adjuster do for You?

Insurance is one of the most confusing areas for property owners. Most people don’t understand their policies and just pay the premiums. They know about the coverage but not much else beyond that. 

When you have property damage filing a claim with the insurance company is a daunting process. You have to understand the fine print and jargon in your policy to ensure you get the maximum settlement. 

The challenge is that insurance companies will use your lack of knowledge against you. The odds are higher that this will lead to a lower settlement and you will accept the initial offer from the insurance company. 

A public adjuster levels the playing field and works for you to ensure the insurance company honors its contractual obligations. Here are some of the things a public insurance adjuster will do for you. 

Understand Your Situation

One of the challenges when working with any insurance professional is they don’t fully understand your situation. Many times adjusters are too busy talking and analyzing versus listening to what is happening with you. 

A public adjuster listens and understands your situation. We are professionals that work for you and have an interest in creating a successful outcome for you. Our unique perspective is what helps us to gain leverage over the insurance company and serve as an advocate that fights for you. 

Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters is the best in the business. We offer a free consultation where you can talk about what is happening, survey the damage, and discuss your options. We are here for you and will stand up to the insurance company throughout the claims process. 

Reads the Fine Print

Insurance contracts are filled with fine print and legal jargon. Most policyholders become confused when reading all of this information. Insurance companies will use your lack of knowledge against you to get you to accept the lowest offer. 

A public insurance adjuster levels of playing field. We read through the contract and look for specific clauses that state the carrier’s responsibilities. We go back to the carrier and make them honor their obligations. 

For example, in the Village Square/Veranda area of Citrus Ridge, Florida. We helped a client with a broken drainage line that caused a backup. Our team investigated the situation and forced the insurance company to honor its contractual commitments. The initial offer was for $13,000 and was rejected. The insurance company realized we were involved and the final settlement was increased to $49,000.

Alpha Public Adjusters is here for you. Our team can help you to get the maximum payout from the insurance company. 

Let Us Help You to Get What You Deserve!

These are some of the things an insurance adjuster will do for you. Call Alpha Public Adjusters today at 888-442-5742 and see how we can help you to get what you deserve. Our team is standing by and will understand your situation so you can move on with your life. We are the best in business and will work with you through every step of the claims process. 

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