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State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: White City Public Adjuster
Vero Beach FL 32962  – Neighborhood: Bay Drive/A1A
Claim Type: Wind/Water – Roof Leak
Insurance Company Original Offer: $25,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $160,000 ( New Roof +)
Percentage Increase: +500%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Vero Beach Public Insurance Adjuster
Vero Beach FL 32967  – Neighborhood: S Gifford / 62nd 
Claim Type: Washing Machine Overflow – water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $2,200
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $30,000
Percentage Increase: +1200%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Florida Ridge Public Insurance Adjuster
Florida Ridge FL 32962  – Neighborhood: 15th/4th 
Claim Type: Toilet Overflow – Water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $9,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $25,000
Percentage Increase: +170%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Citrus Ridge Public Insurance Adjuster
Citrus Ridge FL 32966  – Neighborhood: Village Square/Veranda
Claim Type: Broken Drain Line – Water Backup
Insurance Company Original Offer: $13,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $49,000
Percentage Increase: +270%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Vero Lake Estates Public Insurance Adjuster
Citrus Ridge FL 32967  – Neighborhood: 
Claim Type: Falling Object – Tree Branch – Roof Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $0.00 Under Deductible
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $23,000 ( New Roof)
Percentage Increase: +23,000%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Indian River County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: North Beach Public Insurance Adjuster
North Beach FL 32963  – Neighborhood: Savannah Drive
Claim Type:  HVH ( High Value Home) Reverse Osmosis System Leak – Water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $61,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $245,000(New Kitchen+)
Percentage Increase: +300%

Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Public Adjuster

When you need help with claims after damage to your property, you may need to hire a public adjuster. Filing a claim is a labor-intensive job that leaves no room for mistakes. If you do make a mistake, this can lead to a reduced settlement or denied claim. The team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters can help you at any stage of the process. 

As with any industry, no two businesses are alike. As a result, not every public adjuster (PA) deserves your time or money. So, how do you know whether you are making the right choice when you hire a PA? To simplify the process, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask before you hire a public adjuster. 

What Type of Claims Do They Handle? 

There are many kinds of insurance and many types of insurance claims. Before you hire someone, make sure they have experience handling a claim similar to your own. At Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, we provide a variety of services for residential and commercial properties. As a result, if you are filing a claim for fire damage in your home, our public adjusters will be qualified to assist you.  

Are You Licensed to Practice in the State? 

Not every public adjuster is licensed, so this is an important question to ask before hiring one. You can find out if they are licensed by asking for their individual public adjuster’s license. It also helps if you hire someone who is local and works with a reputable company with a clean record and a valued clientele. It is also good to know how many years the PA has been licensed and how long they have been practicing in your state. This is a good indication of their experience and knowledge of state rules. You get no less than a licensed, qualified expert when you hire a PA from our team. 

Who will Be Handling the Claim?

Many companies offer a free consultation, like Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. This allows you to get to know the company you may potentially be working with during the long claims process. Ultimately, it will make your decision much easier in the end. However, you should ask the person you are interviewing if they will be handling your claim, or someone else. 

Can The PA Provide References?

When you work with a public adjuster, make sure they can provide at least three recent references and recommendation letters. Get the contact information of their clients and do your due diligence. Make phone calls to ensure the references and recommendation letters are valid. 

How Many Claims is the PA Handling? 

Remember, filing a claim is labor-intensive and requires lots of attention to detail. As a result, you do not want a public adjuster who is currently handling multiple claims. This may go without saying, but it is less likely they will give your case the attention it deserves. This isn’t necessarily a slight on the public adjuster. It may not be that they don’t want to work for you, but they simply don’t have the time to adequately handle your case.  

How Long Has the Company Been in Business? 

We have listed this question at the bottom because, while important, it should not be a deciding factor. There are some public adjusters with an impressive catalog of experience that have recently branched out and started practicing on their own. On the other hand, it can help if a company has been in business for several years, as this means they have stability. With that often comes a devoted clientele and a good reputation within the community. However, you should always look at the company’s reviews, as this is more important than the years they have been in business. References are also very important. 

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters 

When you need help with claims in Indian River, Florida, or the surrounding areas (residential or commercial), look no further than Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. We have the experience to handle your case and a track record to prove it. We don’t just see a new claim, we see the customer. Our public adjusters understand how emotionally taxing this process can be, which is why we’ll handle the claims process and maximize your settlement. Contact us or call (888) 442-5742 today. 

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