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State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Collier County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Naples Manor Public Insurance Adjuster
Naples Manor  FL 34113  – Neighborhood: Catts St  / Georgia Ave
Claim Type: Roof Leak – Wind/Water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $6,500
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $25,000 ( New Roof)
Percentage Increase: +280%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Collier County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Naples Manor Public Insurance Adjuster
Naples Manor  FL 34113  – Neighborhood: Sholtz St / Carolina Ave
Claim Type: AC Leak – Water and Mold Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $10,500
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $34,000 
Percentage Increase: +220%

State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Collier County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Naples Manor Public Insurance Adjuster
Naples Manor  FL 34113  – Neighborhood: 
Claim Type: Roof Leak – Water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $0.00  Under Deductible
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $18,500
Percentage Increase: +18,500%

Here’s What to do When You Experience Soot Damage 

After a devastating fire claimed personal belongings in your home in Naples Manor, Florida, problems don’t end when the fire is extinguished. The aftermath of a fire is smoke, ash, and soot. While most people are aware of smoke and ash, fewer know the dangers of soot and how to restore damaged property. In this article, we will explain what it is, how dangerous it can be, and what to do when filing residential insurance claims in Florida. 

What is Soot? 

Soot comes from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and is made up of small carbon particles. Its most noticeable characteristic is perhaps its foul odor. However, it also leaves behind stains on walls, furniture, and other personal belongings. 

As previously stated, soot is an aftermath of a fire. Once a fire occurs, soot spreads throughout the home, clinging to every surface in its wake. As a result, we recommend hiring a licensed restoration company to thoroughly remove all evidence of soot in your home. Not only can it damage your property, but it also affects the indoor air quality, which is harmful to you and your loved ones. 

Did you know that your home doesn’t need to be devastated by fire to experience soot? It can also be caused by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and fireplaces. Most residents in Florida don’t need to worry about the latter, as warm temperatures prevent the need for fireplaces. However, even if you don’t burn coal or have a fireplace, you can still cause soot by burning candles in your home, so always take the necessary precautions when lighting candles. 

How Dangerous is Soot? 

Exposure can lead to serious illness and sometimes fatalities. One of the most common health issues people face when exposed to soot is asthma attacks. Soot can easily enter the body through a variety of sources and can cause several respiratory issues, including bronchitis and coronary heart disease. In extreme cases, it can even cause cancer. No one is safe from the dangers of soot, but infants, the elderly, and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions are most affected. 

You can easily avoid these health risks. Contact a professional to remove and repair all soot-affected areas in your home. Cleaning soot isn’t something we recommend doing on your own. Restoring damaged property/items is not only difficult, but it is dangerous. You may not have or even be aware of the necessary safety equipment professionals use when cleaning soot. Equipment is used to prevent it from getting into the lungs, skin, and eyes. Additionally, there are removal techniques that you most likely don’t know, despite how many YouTube videos you’ve watched on the subject. 

Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Soot Damage? 

A standard homeowners’ insurance policy will cover soot, as it’s a byproduct of fire damage, which is covered. Therefore, if there was a fire in your home and your property and personal belongings were damaged or destroyed by either the fire or its byproducts (smoke, ash, soot, etc.), your insurance should cover the cost to replace or repair the items/property. Make sure to document all the items in your home that were affected. 

You should also take pictures of everything before the restoration begins. If your floors, ceiling, upholstery, carpets, or any other part of your home sustained soot damage, make sure you take pictures to include when filing an insurance claim. If you don’t know where to begin, our team can help. 

Will Insurance Cover Damages Caused by A Neighbor’s Fire?

If the fire started at your next-door neighbor’s house, your house can easily be damaged as a result. Some policyholders worry that their insurance will not cover such damages. We recommend that you read your policy to see what types of fire damage are covered. You should also contact your insurance company for additional guidance on the next steps. 

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters

It’s important to note that insurance companies are not as helpful as they should be. Although you pay a hefty premium, your insurer may still give you the runaround. They may not answer your questions, but instead, transfer you to another department that is “more equipped” to handle your inquiry. You may go days without getting the answers you need. 

We see this all the time and we’re available to assist you. If you live in Naples Manor and you need help filing residential insurance claims, contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. Call (888) 442-5742 for a free consultation. 

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