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Stop! Get A Public Adjuster To Help You With Your Claim

Anytime you are filing an insurance claim is when things get complicated. You have to worry about the mountain of paperwork and meeting with the insurance company’s adjuster. These are professionals that work for the insurance company and are sent out to assess the damage. Their report plays a significant role in deciding the amount of your claim. 

A public adjuster levels the playing field by looking out for your best interests. We are independent insurance adjusters that work for you. Our team handles everything with your claim so you can sit back and relax. Here are some of the reasons why you want to use a public adjuster in Pine Manor to handle your insurance claim. 

Full Service

One of the biggest challenges of handling the insurance claim yourself is the lack of knowledge. Insurance companies know this and want to use it against you by lowering your settlement. The carrier is interested in protecting its bottom-line results and doesn’t care about you. The insurance industry throughout Florida is experiencing billions of dollars in losses. Insurance companies are very stingy right now. 

A public adjuster uses all resources to get you the highest settlement. We look at everything such as your insurance policy. Our team is looking for clauses that we can use to show the insurance company has legal responsibilities. This makes it harder for the carrier to try to short-change you on the insurance claim. 

No amount of damage is too big or small for us. We have processed lots of claims ranging from the devastation left behind by natural disasters to water damage from burst pipes. Our team works with homeowners and businesses to process their claims quickly. We will get you higher settlements using our knowledge, skill, and experience to help you. 

Results Driven

You work with a team of professionals that are results driven. We will not stop until we get you the maximum payout from the insurance company. You always come first and we will not accept a settlement unless it is the maximum amount. 

Our leverage is increased by the witnesses we interview, the evidence we collect, and the reports submitted to the insurance company. This lets the insurance company know that we want a settlement reflecting all of the damages. Our approach produces measurable results for homeowners and businesses. This is why we have five-star reviews from our customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Help is on the Way

These are some of the reasons why you want to use a public adjuster in Pine Manor to handle your insurance claim. Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters are the professionals that will get you the most money from the insurance company. We have five-star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our knowledge, professionalism, and experience. 

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