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State: Florida Public Insurance Adjuster
County: Charlotte County Public Insurance Adjuster
City: Placida Public Insurance Adjuster
Placida, FL 32962  – Neighborhood: Placida Harbour
Claim Type: Toilet Overflow – Water Damage
Insurance Company Original Offer: $9,000
Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters Settlement: $25,000
Percentage Increase: +170%

The Importance of Documentation in Residential Claims in Placida

In the event of a disaster, the last thing most people think about is taking pictures or documenting their property. However, having documented proof of what you had in your home before a disaster will help tremendously when settling your residential claim. It’s important to retain all your damaged goods until they have been inspected completely. Have documented proof with pictures, brand names, and even model numbers if possible. All of this will help get you the true full value of all the stuff that might have been damaged on your property.

Documenting Your Property

The best thing you can do is take pictures and document everything on your property before an incident occurs. This seems like an obvious statement, but not many people think of taking pictures of their property until after a disaster has occurred.

Ideally, you should take a video or pictures of every room in your house, including closets and storage areas. Make sure to get close-ups of any valuables so that there is no question about what was in your possession prior to the disaster. Once you have all this documentation, keep it in a safe place like a safety deposit box or fireproof safe. That way, if the worst does happen, you will have everything you need to file a successful claim.

The Benefits of Documentation

Having documented proof of what you had in your home before a disaster will help in a big way when settling your residential claim. Insurance adjusters are not mind readers, so they cannot know what was in your home unless you tell them or show them evidence.

By providing detailed documentation—pictures, videos, receipts, etc.—you will be able to get the full value of everything that was lost or damaged in the disaster. If you do not have this documentation, the insurance company may only give you partial payment for your losses or may deny your claim entirely.

Taking pictures can help make your life a lot easier should you need to file an insurance claim. Keep all this documentation in a safe place so that it is easily accessible if you need to file a claim. Hiring a public adjuster can also help, as you won’t have to deal with the insurance company on your own. By providing detailed documentation to your insurance company, with the help from a licensed public adjuster, you will be more likely to receive full payment for everything that was lost or damaged in the disaster.

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