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The Dos And Don’ts of Dealing With An Insurance Adjuster

Many Floridians are facing the daunting task of dealing with an insurance adjuster. These are professionals the insurance company sends out to look at the damage. They are responsible for assessing the damage and investigating the claim. The adjuster’s findings decide the amount of compensation you will receive. 

The challenge is that most people don’t have a strategy for dealing with the adjuster. Here are the dos and don’ts of dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster. 


  • Hire a public adjuster: Hiring a public adjuster in Port Saint John is the first thing you should do. We are trained professionals that work for you and give you objective advice. 
  • Be honest: You want to be honest with the adjuster. We are trained to investigate claims thoroughly and giving us inaccurate or withholding information makes our job harder. This hurts your odds of getting a high settlement. We recommend always telling the truth no matter how embracing or uncomfortable. 
  • Provide all documentation to support your claim: You want to always keep a copy of all repair estimates, medical bills, insurance policy information, and any photos to support your claim. All of this is evidence and we use it to show the extent of the damages. 
  • Keep track of all communications: We recommend keeping track of all communications between you and the insurance company, contractors, healthcare providers, and anyone that is helping you. These records of phone calls, emails, text messages, and letters show a timeline of what happened. We submit this information on your behalf to speed up the processing of your claim. 


  • Never admit that something is your fault: Don’t admit that something is your fault or apologize. The insurance company’s adjuster will see this as an admission of guilt and it hurts your chances of receiving a fair settlement. 
  • Don’t sign anything: We recommend not signing anything without speaking to your public adjuster first. Sometimes, insurance companies want you to sign documents that waive your right to additional compensation. They know their vulnerabilities if you find certain clauses in your policy. They want you to waive your rights to limit liability. 
  • Don’t be aggressive or hostile: It is natural to be stressed out and frustrated with all of the damage. One of the biggest mistakes is taking it out on the adjuster. We are professionals that are here to do a job and will help you more if you are friendly. 
  • Don’t exaggerate or inflate the claim: Inflating or exaggerating your claim is insurance fraud. We recommend working with a public adjuster that is trained in accurately valuing your claim. Our team handles lots of claims ranging from fire damage to devastation from natural disasters. 

These are some of the dos and don’ts of dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster. Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters can help you to get the most out of your claim. We work for you and will not stop until we get you a settlement that reflects all of the damages. We are the public adjuster in Port Saint John to contact when you need help. 

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