Water Damage Claims

Water Damage? Here’s a Quick List of What You Need to Do First!

Florida is a state where flooding can happen at any time. Due to flooding and water damage, people often find themselves in financial trouble and file flood claims. In fact, 25% of all flood claims are in low to moderate risk flood zones.

You can reduce your stress and recover faster by following some proven steps that are effective after these events. Here is a list of the things you should do when your home has water damage.

Document Everything

The first thing you should do is take pictures and videos of the extent of water damage to your home. The insurance company uses this information to decide the payouts and how bad things are at your house.

After you take your pictures and videos, store everything in a safe location such as on the cloud network. You will have ready access to your files and can use this information in the process of verifying your claim.

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Protect Your Property and Valuables

You want to shut off the electricity and move your valuables that are not damaged to safe places. After water damage, things can get confusing and you might overlook those items that are in good condition.

We recommend compiling a list of items that are damaged and taking pictures of them. The information will help in giving your insurance company a complete picture of what is happening.

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Find Temporary Accommodations

You want to locate a place for you and your family to stay after water damage to your home. Many times insurance companies offer assistance with temporary housing and can give you extra support right away.

We recommend keeping all of your receipts and storing them in a place where you can easily locate the information. Your insurance company will ask for receipts to compensate you for the out-of-pocket expenses.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

You want to contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters immediately. We will assist with filing the necessary forms to file a claim and start the process of showing the extent of the damage. This works with your pictures and videos to help you to get the maximum amount to cover the damages.

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Get Help Now!

These are some of the most critical things you should do after water damage to your home. Call Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters today at 888-442-5724 and put out knowledge and experience to work for you.

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