Sinkhole/Catastrophic Ground Collapse

Sinkhole/Catastrophic Ground Collapse

In Florida, sinkholes have become common with some of the most sensational news stories. No one wants to be sitting at home suddenly and they are falling 50 feet into a sinkhole. These issues are so common that Florida leads the nation in sinkholes and catastrophic ground collapse.

Your insurance is mandated by state law to provide coverage for these situations. Most people don’t understand how the law applies to your insurance claims. Here are some insights about both to help you through the claim process.


Sinkholes are caused by the weakening of limestone inside the earth. This causes the ground above it to become unstable and can create large pockets where the sediments, soil, and rock will collapse. Many times the reduction in water makes the limestone or rock weak and sinkholes form.

Insurance companies define sinkholes as the significant damage to covered buildings and its foundation. Your coverage applies for damage to the property, personal items, and living expenses. There must be structural damage to the buildings from sinkhole activity to qualify.

We recommend visiting with us about your sinkhole coverage. The laws are broad and we can help you throughout the process of filing a claim from start to finish.

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Catastrophic Ground Collapse

Florida statutes have four criteria that define catastrophic ground collapse and how it applies to your insurance policy. These include

  1. The sudden collapse of the ground coverage.
  2. A depression that is visible to the eye.
  3. Structural damage to covered buildings and the foundation.
  4. The structure must be condemned by a governmental agency that is authorized to vacate the property such as code enforcement.

Your insurance coverage applies when you have a loss from the catastrophic ground cover collapsing. Things such as cracks in the foundation, the structure, or building don’t meet the above criteria.

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