Theft/Vandalism/Malicious Mischief

Theft/Vandalism/Malicious Mischief

Theft and property damage is something that happens on a regular occurrence to homeowners. According to the FBI, there are 1.1 million burglaries and property damage incidents every year. The situation can become worse in Florida with some homeowners leaving their property for several months out of the year.

The insurance company will divide these incidents into different categories. The idea is to list these events to ensure that you are properly covered. Normally, you will have to file a claim under each one depending on the event. Here is how the insurance companies define these different categories.


Theft is when your personal property is stolen and you are filing a claim with the insurance company. Some examples include

  • Missing jewelry
  • Cash
  • Electronics
  • Firearms
  • Silverware
  • Trophies
  • Trays
  • Tea sets

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Sometimes, things can become so bad that you will see your property vandalized during the course of a theft. These include things like

  • Stripped copper wiring
  • Solar panel theft
  • Broken windows

Events like this should be reported to the insurance company to ensure that you are fully compensated for the damages.

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Malicious Mischief

Malicious mischief is when someone is trying to intentionally damage your property. These include things like

  • Spray painting on the walls
  • Damaging your windows
  • Any collateral damage during the process of committing the crime

The idea is to cause damage and leave a message that they were on your property. These incidents are covered under your insurance policy and you could be eligible for compensation.

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