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How a Using a Public Adjuster in West Melbourne Makes a Difference in Settling Your Insurance Claim?

One of the biggest issues facing most Floridians is recovering from the hurricanes we had in 2022. The destruction and devastation set a record for Florida and many insurance companies are complaining about the spiraling costs. They want to limit your final claim as much as possible to reduce the financial impacts on the company.

Anytime you decide to handle everything yourself is when you are at a disadvantage. A public adjuster levels the playing field and works for your benefit with the carrier. You will get more money so you can move on with your life and start rebuilding.  Here are some of the reasons why using a public adjuster in West Melbourne Florida makes the most sense for you.

Faster Claims Processing

You are just another number to your insurance company. They are struggling with the mountain of claims and are slow in processing everything. A public adjuster makes a difference by discussing your case with executives at the company. They know who we are and have worked with us on many different claims over the years. We use this inside track to speed up the process and put on a human side to your claim.

Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters is the best place to go for handling all of your insurance claims. You work with an experienced and knowledgeable professional that will get your claim processed quickly. You get the money you deserve and can start rebuilding faster.

We Prove a Contractual Obligation Exists

Your insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the carrier. They must honor its different provisions or the company can be held legally liable for damages. Executives know this and are more willing to seriously negotiate higher settlements in these situations.

We go over your insurance policy and look for different clauses that are relevant to the claim. This gives us a basic standard to work off when assessing the responsibilities of the insurance company.

Our independent report shows what the carrier agreed to and that a legal obligation exists. This gives us leverage that we use with our report showing the extent of the damages. Your insurance company will settle the claim for the higher amounts once this is proven.

Alpha Public Adjusters has decades of experience working in the insurance and construction industries. We will look over your policy and use the different clauses to get you more money. Our track record speaks for itself and we have five-star reviews from our customers.

Get the Help You Need Today!

These are some of the ways a public adjuster in West Melbourne can help you. Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters today at 888-442-574 and see why we are the best at evaluating your insurance claim.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are results driven. This tenacity is what helps us to focus on getting the best results for you. We handle all types of claims ranging from water damage to total devastation by hurricanes. We are available 24 hours a day and will come directly to your location.

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