Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Wind damage is something that affects residential properties throughout South Florida. According to the Florida Climate Center, our region has some of the highest wind speeds in the state. These figures are significant in showing the vulnerabilities of your property to wind damage.

Not all winds are the same and depend on the weather system. Here are the most common winds we see throughout South Florida that cause damage.

Straight Line Wind

Straight line winds move in a horizontal direction and are associated with rain storms. These winds will go up underneath your roof and different parts of your property causing damage to the structure.

Typically, these winds will reach between 50 and 100 miles per hour depending on the storm. Sometimes, we will see what is known as micro bursts. This is where pent-up winds unleash massive outbursts of force and cause damage to your property.

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Hurricane Winds

Hurricane winds are common from June through the end of November. These winds are a part of hurricanes coming through South Florida. The wind speeds will reach a minimum of 75 miles per hour and can go much higher.

You will see these winds accompanied by tremendous amounts of rain. The wind can cause significant damage to your property and expose it to the onslaught of water.

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