5 Important Reasons to Read Your Insurance Policy Today

By Residential Claims

Let’s face it, nobody wants to read their insurance policy. They are extremely long and flooded with strange wording and legal terminology. Nevertheless, it is important to thoroughly read your entire policy and make sure you understand it. You should be able to contact an insurance provider through your insurance company to assist with that. Whether you are reviewing it to file commercial claims or residential claims in Boynton Beach, your policy contains important information about what is and isn’t covered and whether your coverage does everything you expect. 

So, without further ado, here are five reasons you should review your policy if you have not already done so. 

Those Dates are Important 

A quick skim of your policy will reveal several dates that are important for you to know. When you file a claim, almost every action thereafter is time-sensitive. If you do not know the deadline for when something should be done, you will miss it and risk your claim being delayed or rejected. To ensure a timely process without setbacks, make sure you know all the important deadlines surrounding your claim. Luckily, when you contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters for a commercial or residential claim, we will help you make sense of tricky terms and confusing language. 

The Wording is Important 

You have probably looked at your policy and read a few paragraphs, so you know the way it is worded can be confusing. Confusing or not, don’t skim over it, as the presence or absence of certain words can determine what you are covered for. It may not be of great consequence now, but it will be once you have filed a claim. If do not know the legal terminology being used, policies compensate for that by including a “definitions” section that will provide some clarification. Again, if there is anything else you need to be clarified that you can’t find in any section of your policy, a public adjuster from our team will assist you when filing a claim. 

You Know What’s Covered 

If you have ever asked yourself, “Am I covered for…XYZ,” then you probably did not read your insurance policy or if you did, didn’t fully understand it. Now is the time to read it, as it will (perhaps not so clearly) explain what you are covered for. When doing this, equally important is to review the exclusions section of the document. This will inform you on the limits of your coverage, notating what types of property, hazards, situations, etc. are excluded from your coverage. For example, flooding is one hazard that is generally excluded from home insurance policies, which many residents assume is included. 

It Has Your Limits 

If you do not know how much your insurance company will pay once your claim has been approved, your policy provides all the limits. Thoroughly read this section, so you know all the limits that will be applied to various situations. You will then be compensated when the claim is approved (and after you have paid your deductible), which generally is not one large payment, but multiple small ones. 

Know Your Responsibilities 

One reason many claims are denied is that policyholders do not realize that they have responsibilities, just like the insurance provider. As a result, even if your insurance covers damages, like a pipe burst on your property, you may not be covered for it if you did not ensure your pipes were properly maintained. Your policy will explain all the requirements and conditions that must be met to receive compensation for your damages. It also explains the procedures after you experience damage. If you do not follow them properly (i.e., shut off the water to prevent further damage), your claim may be rejected. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, it is extremely important to read and understand your policy, not just to know what you are covered for, or what is required of you, but also how to make modifications when necessary. For these reasons, we always advise our clients to read their policy before filing a claim and contacting our team. 

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters 

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