Boost Your Fort Lauderdale Property Claim Settlements

By Public Adjuster

Fort Lauderdale public adjuster


Fort Lauderdale homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners want to maximize insurance property damage claim settlements. Public insurance claims adjusters represent you, the policyholder. Not the insurance company.

Public Insurance Claims Adjusters Are Widely Recognized

Most states recognize public adjusters. Rather than being attorneys or giving legal advice, Public Adjusters advise claimants on the rights and coverages of the contract we call an insurance policy.

Public Adjuster’s Role

Claims professionals are hired for many reasons. The most important reason is the knowledge that companies pay twenty-five percent (25%) to forty percent (40%) less than they would to a claimant with professional representation. A study by the Florida Legislature found that using PAs increased average settlements by 574 to 747 percent.

Policyholders lack knowledge of technical terms and acceptable practices for determining loss proof and indemnification costs. For example, depending on the policy, you may be entitled to full replacement value. The entire floor may need to be replaced, whether it’s chipped ceramic tile, curved hardwood, or wet carpet. They also don’t realize the burden of proof is on them, not the insurer. You might ask for or accept less because you might not fully comprehend the extent of the damage.

Complex Issues

As Fort Lauderdale claims adjusters, we also help evaluate coverage and limitations, ensuring policy conditions are met. Then we prepare damage estimates detailing the quantity, description, and replacement cost value of the loss. Last, we ensure you are adequately represented should a claim arise. Insurance companies do not want to pay the maximum settlement, so they will not necessarily offer the best settlement.

Fort Lauderdale Public Insurance Adjuster works for you and will legally maximize your property damage settlements.

You Need a Fort Lauderdale Public Insurance Adjuster

Usual consumer belief is that businesses we choose to do business with have our best interests in mind. Despite the millions of dollars spent by insurance companies to make us believe we are in “Good Hands” or “By Your Side,” your homeowners’ insurance policy is a contract. Choosing to collect on a claim creates an adversarial relationship. You must understand the policy’s terms, conditions, coverage, limitations, and exclusions. To avoid losing your claim, make sure all conditions are met. The legal meaning of every word you say or write is unknown to most. This, among other factors, can lead to a claim being denied or settled for far less than what you are owed under your contract. These people work for the insurance company, not you. Hiring a competent Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster will ensure that you get everything you are legally entitled to under your insurance policy contract.

Fort Lauderdale PA: Coverage, Limits, and Exclusions

To find out if you have a claim, you must first understand your homeowners’ policy’s terms. You are fortunate if your agent reviewed your policy to explain your coverage. Your Public Adjuster will let you know if you are covered and how to file a claim.

Observe Policy Conditions

In the event of a valid Fort Lauderdale property insurance claim, you have certain duties and responsibilities. Heal the damage first. Unless the bleeding stops, further damage is not covered. Every day, insurance companies use this one duty to deny or undervalue settlements. Second, you must save the lost evidence. The companies are entitled to see the loss. The proof of loss must be preserved as well. This is tricky when repairing the damage. Save the damaged items and stop the bleeding until our independent Fort Lauderdale public insurance adjuster reviews your claim.

Help is Here for Fort Lauderdale Property Owners

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