Can a Florida Public Adjuster Handle Commercial Claims

By Commercial Claims Public Adjuster

Every day, businesses face challenges that can affect their operations. According to a survey, three out of four establishments experienced an event that resulted in a claim last year. Due to the various risks that businesses face, they are more prone to experiencing claims. In this article, we talk about the most common claims in the city of Boynton Beach.

As technology has become more prevalent, businesses are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. A good example of a cyber attack is the disruption caused by the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which temporarily prevented gasoline from being delivered to customers in the East Coast. Due to the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, businesses are required to file a commercial claim to cover the costs associated with these incidents.

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A slip and fall is a common occurrence that occurs when someone slips and falls on something inside a business. The owner has a duty of care to ensure that the environment is safe for the customers. If a person gets injured due to a slip and fall, they can sue the business for damages such as lost wages and medical expenses. Usually, the liability insurance policies of businesses will cover the losses caused by a slip and fall. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, it is important that you contact an experienced public adjuster to help you get the best possible settlement. Having the help of an insurance professional can help you get the compensation that you need.

Aside from slip and falls, businesses are also more prone to experiencing robberies and burglaries. These incidents usually happen when employees or potential customers steal goods in the hope that no one will notice. In addition, businesses are also more vulnerable to being robbed due to the lack of proper security measures. This issue can be caused by the actions of employees who are not trained to properly monitor the inside of a business. To recover from the theft, many businesses turn to their commercial property insurance. Their insurance company then sends out claims adjusters to look into the damage and try to negotiate a settlement.

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If your business is located in a flood-prone area, then it’s more likely that it will be affected by a natural disaster. After a natural disaster, many businesses turn to their insurance companies for help in recovering from the damages.

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