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Managing commercial property claims is never an easy task since it is fraught with all sorts of complexities.

A competent Fort Myers public adjuster has the skill set for addressing all issues that could hinder your commercial property claim.

What Go For Insurance Company

To minimize payment, insurance companies assign the task to their most proficient adjusters.  These adjusters are aware of various issues surrounding insurance coverage and damage.

Their profound knowledge and experience should be a source of concern to you, the policyholder since these will be used against you.

The insurance company’s adjuster is not here to facilitate you. Their prime objective is to minimize the claim payout at your expense. That means they will try to exploit a variety of ploys, tricks, and loopholes to pay far less than what you actually deserve.

The Commercial Public Adjuster – Your Staunch Ally

The commercial property claim is undoubtedly crucial for your business. The future of your business may very much depend on the claim amount.

That’s why you should take no chances. You should have a Fort Myers public adjuster working on your side. A competent public adjuster will work in your best interests and do their level best to maximize the claim payout.

There are several ways that a commercial public adjuster can maximize the settlement amount of your claim. Here is what you need to know.

Handling the Investigation

The insurance company’s claim adjuster will be asking you several questions to ascertain the facts of the matter. As you might expect, they will ask certain questions that are meant to minimize the claim amount – if you provide unsatisfactory answers to such questions. The insurance company can get away with a paltry payment amount.

You may be oblivious of certain harmless answers that could seriously hurt your prospects. And you can’t avoid answering these questions – you have to cooperate with the insurance company; otherwise, they can deny your claim.

The commercial public adjuster can inform you about the nuances and intricacies of the investigation so that you know exactly how to answer. This way, your claim will not be jeopardized.

With a public adjuster to take care of critical matters, you will be in safe hands. The public adjuster can investigate the matter and inform you of critical issues. This will help you answer all questions posed by the insurance company appropriately.

Coverage Issues

The insurance company will look for all possible ways to avoid or at least minimize the claim payout.  They could decline your claim based on a coverage issue saying that your commercial insurance policy does not cover it.

A commercial public adjuster can anticipate such issues before they arise and may thus be able to thwart such tactics.

Maximum Settlement for Business Interruption Claim

A business interruption could stall your daily operations. In such cases, you will need the settlement amount to pay for daily operational costs so that your business can keep running smoothly.

However, as with all things insurance, such claims are anything but straightforward.

Your coverage limit depends on the amount of time that it will take to restart your business activities “as quickly as possible.”

The claim payout will be covering “normal” daily business costs.

The insurance company adjuster will have their own thoughts on what constitutes “normal” and “as quickly as possible.” You can bet that their definition of these broad and subjective terms is designed to slash the claim payout.

The public adjuster will make sure that such assessments are reasonable to maximize the settlement amount.

Determining Actual Cash Value

Certain claims are settled via Actual Cash Value that has been deducted for depreciation. Insurance company adjusters will utilize depreciation tables and programs that determine the average lifespan of the asset.

If your asset does not belong to the “average” category, then the insurance company will use this as a pretext to lowball you.

Thankfully, a good public adjuster can dispute unreasonable low offers using pertinent facts and documentation.

Going the Extra Mile

Commercial claim settlement is an arduous and painstaking process due to its inherent complexities.

The commercial public adjuster can include a claim for obscure problems like mold, soot, and smoke damage. Your public adjuster will persevere and strive for as long as it takes so that you get your rights.

Bottom Line

Before filing a commercial property claim, make sure that you speak to a reliable Fort Myers public adjuster so that you can get the full amount that you truly deserve.

You can rely on us to go the extra mile to get the settlement amount that you rightfully deserve. For more information, feel free to contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters.

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