Insurance Claims in Plantation, FL

By Plantation Public Adjuster

In the event of damages to your home in Plantation, FL, including mold infestation or flooding, the owner must contact the insurance provider to record the claim. The insurance company then creates a claim. An adjuster representative for the insurance company goes to the home to investigate the loss, offering a payout if considered necessary.


Keep in Mind Who Their Adjuster Works For

Please keep in mind that the assigned adjuster works directly for the insurance company. Their insurance adjuster will do all they can to attempt to settle your claim for as little as possible to preserve the firm’s bottom line.


The Independent Public Adjuster Difference

Plantation independent public adjusters are independent of insurance companies. The bottom line is that they represent you, the policyholder, and they solely have your financial interests in mind.


Are you experiencing a property loss on Plantation? You do not want an adjuster that works for the insurance company. It helps if you have an adjuster that will work for you. You should have equal representation as a policyholder. Bringing a public adjustment early in the process might provide you a more significant opportunity to settle your losses fairly.


Many Plantation homeowners recruit a public document adjuster, speed the claim forward and get the process completed sooner. The insured can frequently collect a more significant payment than they would otherwise be granted.


Plantation Public Adjuster Services Include:


* Assessment of current insurance policies to establish whether claims are covered.


* Overall damage research and reporting.


* Determination of covered loss values.


* Negotiating settlements on behalf of the insured with the insurance carrier.


* Re-opening and renegotiating damages if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been resolved.


Public insurance adjusters typically can recover more. Their service charges are a percentage of your recovery. They collect only if your insurance carrier can pay you.


It is logical to hire a public insurance adjuster. You will not have to deal with the claim. Because the recoveries are typically more significant than you would receive, an adjuster on your side can do more than pay for itself.


Reduce the Stress of Your Loss

Being burglarized or losing your house due to a fire or other calamity is stressful enough. You may be not only terrified and shocked by the event but also uncertain about what the future holds and how you will be rebuilt. In addition to this uncertainty, think of the shock when you contact your insurance agent, who looked to be your friend up to that point and encountered an opponent instead.


Your claim will be sent and adjusted to inspect the damage when you make a claim. You will come back with a settlement offer. If you feel unjust, you do not have to accept this offer, even if your insurance company leads you to think.


What’s Next?

Plantation homeowners have depended on Alpha Public Adjusters for fast, favorable claim settlements. It’s a wise choice. Call 888-442-5742 or contact us here.