Should You Hire a Public Adjuster for Water Damage?

By Residential Claims

Navigating through the world of home insurance claims is hard. You want to make sure you get the money needed to make the repairs and that your policy covers everything. This is especially true of water damage as not taking care of the problem quickly can result in more damage and expensive repairs. Expert public adjusters can help with the issue and make the process go more smoothly.

Types of Water Damage

One thing to keep in mind is that there are different types of water damage. Flooding is one of the more common residential claims that homeowners file. You don’t need to live in a flood plain for water to flood your basement and cause a lot of damage. There’s also a risk that your pipes might freeze and burst when the temperature drops in the winter. Living in Florida can result in hurricane damage as well. Working with the right professional helps you identify the type of water damage you have before you file a claim.

Get Rid of Emotions

No one would blame you for feeling emotional when you need to file water damage claims. The damage can destroy family photos and other treasures you cannot replace. You likely feel angry and upset as well as sad and frustrated. This can cause you to lash out at your insurer and say or do things you regret. A public adjuster in Florida helps you get rid of those emotions and focus on the issue at hand.

Increase Your Money

Insurers will often try to limit or reduce the amount of money you get. The company may claim that your home insurance claim does not cover the total amount of repairs you need. They can also try to lowball you and give you less than you deserve. Adjusters work for their clients and can help you increase the amount of money you get. They look at all the repairs you need and the losses you suffered to come up with a figure. You also get help negotiating insurance claims.

Save Money

Another reason to look for expert public adjusters in your area is that they can help you save money. When customers file water damage claims, they need to pay their deductibles before their insurers pay. Your deductible can range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more. The last thing you want to worry about is coming up with more money to pay an adjuster like Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. Many of these adjusters do not charge upfront. They will take their payment out of the money you get from your insurer.

Finding a public adjuster in Florida doesn’t take as much time as you might think. These professionals help you navigate the tricky world of insurance claims and get you more money. Whether you suffer damage from a flood or a hurricane, you need help. Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters today to learn why you want them by your side when filing a claim for water damage.