The Latest Trends in Insurance Adjuster Technology

By Public Adjuster

As technology becomes more prevalent in the insurance industry, it is important that claims professionals are equipped with the necessary tools and capabilities to handle the increasing number of claims. The cost of claims is the biggest component of an insurance company’s operating budget. It accounts for around 70% of the company’s US premium revenue. To minimize this cost, insurers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their claims processing operations. 

During the pandemic, the need for rapid technological change became the mother of all reinventions. This led to the widespread implementation of virtual and digital claims processing. This doesn’t mean that insurers should stop investing in their data infrastructure and technology. Instead, they should continue to expand their claims capabilities and improve the efficiency of their operations. This will allow them to deliver a personalized experience to their customers.

The challenge for insurance companies is how to seamlessly integrate their claims and billing operations. They should do so so that they can provide the best possible service at the right time to meet the needs of their customers.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, almost half of US consumers conduct research before they buy a policy to find out what it’s like to make a claim with an insurance company. Having a good claims handling reputation can help retain and grow a customer base. This report explores the various challenges that CCOs face in transforming their operations to meet the demands of today’s customers. They should also consider increasing the number of people in their claims department to meet the expectations of their customers.

Today’s tech-savvy customers are demanding faster turnaround times and more self-service options. This is partly due to the increasing number of digital and virtual claims processing tools that insurers are implementing. These tools can free up staff members from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on the most important tasks in the claims process. For instance, by using virtual inspections and photo estimating software, they can automate the process of identifying and assessing damage to a property.

Although these new tools will help insurers cut costs and improve efficiency, they should be used only by claims professionals with specialized knowledge and skills to handle the complex tasks that come with them. Instead of focusing on settling claims, claims professionals should instead focus on developing new strategies and techniques to detect fraud and improve their coverage analysis. They should also work with their colleagues to monitor the changes in the market. Some claim professionals might even use their forensic expertise to support loss control services.

As more digital tools become available, insurers will be able to automate the decision-making and claims handling processes in their overall cases, which will help boost claims professionals’ productivity. However, this new technology may make them redundant. With the increasing number of digital tools, claims professionals’ responsibilities may change. 

Despite the increasing number of digital tools, claims professionals should still play an active role in supporting the evolution of these solutions. They can help accelerate the settlement of claims and improve the customer’s satisfaction. According to claims leaders, personal engagement is a key component of successful claims handling.

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