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By Public Adjuster

Over the last few years, the devastation caused by hurricanes like Hurricane Dorian and Hurricane Michael, and even Wilma in 2006 still lingers in our minds. And as we head into hurricane season in South Florida, we hope for a mild season and not a repeat performance of those devastating hurricanes. Did you know that millions of people that filed claims with their insurance companies in 2019, yet, are still waiting for their insurance money to come through? You’ve probably used your own money to repair the damages to your homes and businesses by now. What it comes down to is that you often can’t count on insurance companies to play fair and pay you what you need.  If you think your insurance company is playing fair–think again. At Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, we know a thing or two about how insurance companies work. We can help you navigate the insurance game so that you come out ahead!

Why should I call a public adjuster for my hurricane damage claim?

If you have a claim in with your insurance company and are still waiting on money, or if you feel you have received an inadequate amount or have even had your claim denied—you should call the team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. We specialize in reopening claims that have been unfairly funded or denied altogether. Dealing with your insurance company can certainly be frustrating. Unfortunately, in our experience, they operate like any business that does not want to lose money. So, they are paying their policyholders as little as possible…if they can get away with it. And as experienced public adjusters who can help you with your claim, we know that the insurance companies will play games until they leave you even more confused, frustrated, and nowhere to turn. At Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, we have an experienced team of public adjusters who will fight with the insurance company on your behalf. You’ve got enough stress to deal with, so it’s good to know you’ve got someone on your side that will fight aggressively on your behalf throughout the entire claims process.

What do I do if my claim is denied?

When searching for a public insurance adjuster near me in Plantation, you may get frustrated and not know who to choose. You should choose the company with the most experience and dedicated adjusters. With decades of experience in the insurance adjuster game, you can be sure that Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters will have your best interests in mind. Has your claim has been denied while trying to put the pieces of your life back together? You pay your premiums on time, and your policy clearly states that you are covered –then why would your claim be denied? A mistake—right? Not necessarily. There could be several reasons your claim was denied. Perhaps you didn’t pay your premium, or maybe you waited too long to file your claim. And maybe there is something in the policy that excluded your particular application. Mold, for instance, is not covered on most regular policies (but there are ways to get around that).

How do I find out more?

If you’ve been a victim of a denied claim and feel it’s unjust, reach out to the dedicated team of public adjusters at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters in Plantation. Search for a public adjuster near me in Plantation, and you’ll find Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters is your #1 choice. That’s because we will get you the money you deserve to make your repairs guaranteed.  One of the first calls you should make if you’ve suffered hurricane damage is a public claims adjuster. Call us BEFORE you call your insurance company. We can help you properly document all costs, take photographs, and make sure that your claim is filed on time. And if it has been denied, we will work to reverse that decision. Give us a call today to learn more!