Six Important Things To Know When Filing A Hurricane Claim

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Hurricane season is here and with it comes uncertainty about protecting your home.  You know to contact your insurance provider when filing residential claims in Ft. Lauderdale, but is that knowledge enough?  Many homeowners have never read their insurance policy in full and do not know exactly what it covers and Continue Reading

What To Do After Your Water Damage Claim Was Denied?

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Water damage caused by a busted pipe can lead to difficult and costly repairs. The good news is you have insurance to cover these unexpected damages. It helps to know that you are in good hands after filing residential claims in Boca Raton.  But are you? Unfortunately, when your insurer sends out an adjuster to Continue Reading

Do You Need a Fort Pierce Public Insurance Adjuster?

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Maybe You’re Wondering: Do I Require a Fort Pierce Public Insurance Adjuster? Most Florida property owners don’t realize what a Public Insurance Adjuster is or why they need the help of the Public Adjuster.  Let’s examine this further. Fort Pierce Public Insurance Adjuster: The Definition A Fort Continue Reading

Here’s How a Public Adjuster Can Help You Protect Your Home from the Threat of Hurricane Damage

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Hurricane season is here at least for two more months. If you haven’t reached out to a home insurance adjuster in Plantation to help with your claim, you should. Protect your home from being destroyed by water damage by placing a call to the #1 trusted insurance adjuster in Plantation. Alpha Public Insurance Continue Reading

How Florida Public Adjuster Can Help with Roof Leak Claim?

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Before a storm, you see plywood adorning windows all around the state. But after a storm, there’s a surge in another type of home covering- blue tarps. After Hurricane Irma, just as with Hurricane Wilma, the state has filled up with tarp-covered roofs. These blue tarps may prevent further moisture from harming Continue Reading