What To Look For Before Hiring a Public Adjuster in Florida

By FL Public Adjuster

If you have experienced damage caused by vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster, you can hire a Florida public adjuster instead of using the adjuster assigned by your insurer. Keep in mind, though not every PA is the same – some have more experience handling claims like your issue. As a result, it’s important to do your research before deciding which company to choose. Below, we have detailed what to look for and what to avoid. If you are in South Florida, contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters for commercial and residential claims.

Certified Public Adjuster

A PA must have a license in the state of Florida, which is the case in most states. So, when looking for someone to defend you against corrupt insurers, make sure that s/he is certified to do the job. If you can’t find the information on the company’s official website, but they have good reviews, call, and ask whether their PA’s hold licenses.

Industry Experience 

When a Florida public adjuster belongs to one or more credible groups, such as the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), it says a lot about their ethical standards. Most of these organizations have extremely high standards and hold their members to their strict values. If the PA doesn’t tell you right away what organizations s/he belongs to, feel free to ask.

Law Abiding 

You know that it is illegal for someone to perform these services without being a licensed and certified public adjuster. There are other laws that PA’s should abide by, such as contacting individuals less than 48 hours after suffering a loss. You can immediately reach out to insurance adjusters for their services, but it’s not recommended to hire one who reaches out before the 48 hour window. 

Comprehensive Work

If you hire someone and they immediately make claims about how much you can receive from your settlement, it’s best to avoid working with them. A Florida public adjuster must first thoroughly review your policy and your damages/loss. Additionally, they should have a plan to not only help maximize your settlement but to also get you on the road to recovery.  

Good Reviews 

A good indication that you are searching in the right direction is when the company has positive unbiased reviews. It’s recommended that you read the reviews from third-party sources, as customer testimonials on the company’s website may be helpful, but are biased. You can look to see if they are a BBB Accredited business or if complaints have been filed against them. Alternatively, you can read the company’s Google reviews. We are proud to say that Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters has a five-star rating from customers who have hired us in the past.

Check References

It’s recommended that you check the references of the Florida Public Adjuster before you hire them. Speaking with past clients gives you an idea of the PA’s style, process, and success rates. Of course, you want an honest and legitimate PA, but at the same time, you want someone who is aggressive with insurance companies and can negotiate the maximum settlement for your losses.

Don’t Feel Pressured 

Another red flag when dealing with a PA is if they want you to sign a contract right away. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, and PA’s know this. Fully read the contract, take time to think over its stipulations, and ask questions if you have any concerns.


People reach out to a public adjuster during a difficult time in their life. As a result, the PA that you have hired should be understanding and sympathetic to your situation. If you have questions about your policy, contract, or claims process, they should be patient in helping you understand everything. Good questions to ask the adjuster include:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have experience adjusting claims like mine?
  • How successful are you in getting the highest settlement for your client?

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