Why You Should Contact a Home Insurance Adjuster for Hurricane Damage

By Public Adjuster

Hurricane season is upon us in South Florida, and nobody knows what the weather has in store. Now is a good time to find a public adjuster in case you experience damages and need to file a claim. 

By hiring your own adjuster for hurricane damage, you will get a head start on the claim process. 

Insurers usually handle cases based on the severity of the damage, so it may take several weeks just for an adjuster to visit your property.

At Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, we handle residential claims, such as hurricane damage and we can help you. As our client, you will always be our number one priority.

What you should do after a natural disaster?

The process of filing a claim is always a challenge. 

Not only is the claims process difficult, but you must also deal with the grief and inconveniences brought on by damaged or destroyed property. 

The home insurance adjuster from our team will be patient and understanding, so if you have questions along the way, they’ll always be available to answer them.

Directly after hurricane damage, the most important thing to know is the next steps. 

The following will provide a guide on how to move forward with the process to avoid any pitfalls.

Contact your insurer/review the insurance policy.

If you experience any type of damage this hurricane season, the first thing to do is contact your insurer. After notifying them about the damages, you should review your policy. If your policy was destroyed in some way, ask your insurer to provide you with another copy.

It’s important to completely read and understand your insurance policy before you file a claim. 

Once you know your deductibles and limits, then you can move forward by documenting or estimating losses. If you don’t completely review and understand your policy, you won’t know what’s covered and what isn’t.

Contact a public adjuster.

After you have contacted your insurer, you are within your rights to find a public adjuster instead of using the one provided by your insurer. During this time, insurers often receive an influx of claims, therefore, you may not be their number one priority. 

Again, by hiring a PA, they will arrive at your property much faster to evaluate all damages and get the ball rolling. Alternatively, if you experience severe damages and your property quickly gets reviewed by the insurer’s adjuster, but you think the estimate is low, you can hire a home insurance adjuster for a second opinion.

Why should you find a public adjuster? 

There are many reasons to hire your own PA. Many homeowners do it because they want an adjuster who:

  • Is experienced with wind and hurricane claims to guarantee accurate estimates.
  • Can build a comprehensive claim package.
  • Can negotiate the maximum settlement.

These are all reasons people hire a home insurance adjuster after experiencing hurricane damage. If you think you can benefit from these services, contact our team for a free consultation. 

What is the difference between a hired adjuster and the insurance adjuster?

You may wonder if it’s really that invaluable to find a public adjuster. 

How is their role any different than that of the insurance adjuster? 

They both come to your home, evaluate the damages, create an estimate, and answer any questions you may have regarding your policy and the claims process. 

It’s true, in many ways, they are the same. 

The main difference is who they work for. 

The insurance adjuster works for the insurer and not you. Even if you think you can trust your insurance provider, the bottom line is, these companies do not want to lose money. As a result, there’s no guarantee they won’t permit unethical activities, like an adjuster omitting a cost from their calculations because they think you’re uninformed or will likely forget.

When you contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters, we only work for you. We’ll submit an accurate, detailed claim on your behalf and keep you informed during the entire process. We will negotiate a maximum settlement if necessary and, sadly, it usually is.

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