A Certified Public Adjuster Can Help You Navigate Your Insurance Claim

By Public Adjuster

Dealing with property damage is time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. But unfortunately, many homeowners have to deal with it at least once in their lifetime. Despite all the various ways to protect your home from the elements, sometimes water, mold, fire, and storm damage still occur. When this happens you’re left to depend on the insurance company to cover your damages. This includes reviewing your policy to ensure adequate coverage, finding and acquiring proof, securing the proper documents and properly submitting them, completing loss assessments, and more.


With the help of a certified public adjuster, you can navigate property damage and the insurance claim process with ease. Our team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters takes away the stress and time-consuming part of the process for you. The last thing you need to worry about is an incorrect claim or late claim.


What Services Do Public Adjusters Offer?

The first call after seeing property damage is to the insurance company. They need to let you know how to proceed, and you need to let them know you have property damage. However, that’s usually the easy part. 


After that initial step, many people struggle, not knowing where to turn to next, or how to properly navigate the process with the insurance company. 


The best thing to do is turn to a public adjuster for assistance, especially if you want to have the damages fixed quickly. Our adjuster team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters offers many adjuster services for you to utilize and we can make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible without any delays.

Policy Review

The first step in any insurance claim process is reviewing the insurance policy. Your insurance company may be able to help with this, but if not, our team can. The policy tells you what the insurance company covers and to what extent. 


Every homeowner’s insurance policy is unique, meaning that it’s best to assume anything. If your insurance company cannot summarize your policy or answer specific questions, a certified public adjuster can. 


After reading through the insurance jargon, one of our adjusters can let you know what property damage is covered and to the degree. From there, you will have an idea of what to fix by yourself and what to seek help for.

Insurance Claim

Filling out the insurance claim is the next step in the process and arguably one of the most confusing. Some people fill out the insurance claim with ease, while others find the questions difficult to answer. 


The more extensive the property damage, the more time-consuming and confusing the insurance claim process can be. You’ll need to property account for everything that was damaged and you’ll need to do it properly so the insurance company compensates you for it. 


Improperly filing a claim could result in a lower amount of compensation, which doesn’t allow for a full repair of your property. In some cases, many homeowners find that their claims are denied as a result of not knowing what to do.


With a certified public adjuster helping, you can rest assured that your insurance claim will represent the property damage well and be error-free.

Communications with the Insurance Company

The insurance company may need to speak with you more about your insurance claim or the property damage. Whether you want to handle these calls or not, you have the option to pass them to the public adjuster assisting you. 


Some people prefer to communicate with the insurance company, and others do not. Whatever your preference is, we can help. Even if it’s just to get a second opinion or verify information that comes from the insurance company, the more people you have working on your side, the better! 

Claim Denials and Appeals

If you had property damage and your claim got denied, keep in mind that denial isn’t final. A public adjuster can help you fight the denial and re-do the insurance claim. 


There are various reasons as to why you could have gotten denied. 


From submitting the claim late to incorrectly filling the insurance claim out, it happens from time to time. 


Maybe your claim wasn’t denied, maybe you got far less than you need. In either situation, our services can benefit you. Our experts can help you start the process over and reason with the insurance company, giving you a second chance.

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters

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We can help you out with the entire property damage claim process or only parts you feel you need assistance with. 


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