How To Maximize Your Insurance Claim After A Burglary

By Residential Claims

It’s hard to imagine a stranger breaking into your home, violating your space, and stealing your belongings. If it has happened, the first thing to do is remain calm and call 911. After that, contact your insurer to file a burglary claim. In some cases, when filing residential claims in cocoa beach, homeowners contact the team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters to assess the value of their loss and get a second opinion.  

We use our knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies and secure a maximum settlement on your behalf. Let us help you get the money you deserve.

Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

There are many reasons why policyholders contact a public adjuster even when their insurer sends out an insurance adjuster. The most common reason is that they need a second opinion after a claim was denied or they received a low settlement. Insurance adjusters work for the insurer; therefore, they don’t look at your interests but those of their employer. Because insurance companies don’t want to give policyholders large settlements, the insurance adjuster may find ways to reduce the value of your claim.

This may not happen all the time, but it happens often enough that policyholders contact a Florida public adjuster to instruct them on what to do and what not to do. A public adjuster doesn’t work for the insurer. When you hire a public adjuster from our team, this person will work exclusively for you to ensure you receive the maximum settlement when filing a burglary claim.

Can You Handle The Claims Process Alone?

Even if you were not in a uniquely difficult situation, it would be difficult to file and negotiate an insurance claim. The process has many steps, some more convoluted than others. Before you file a claim, you must first carefully review your insurance policy to determine if you are entitled to reimbursement. From there, you must:

  • Contact your insurer to notify them of the burglary
  • Deal with the insurance adjuster as they assess your loss
  • Carefully fill out the claims form – mistakes can lead to delay or denial
  • Collect all documents that can support your claim
  • Make sure you file your claim within the stipulated timeframe
  • Keep thorough records of everything regarding the claim
  • Stay in contact with your insurer if the process is being delayed
  • Accept a payment that is usually lower than what you deserve

Added to the challenges of filing a claim, you must also contend with your shattered emotional state. A public adjuster can help you through this difficult time by preparing and filing your claim and informing you on what to expect. It’s a way to ensure that no mistakes are made that can delay or deny your payment.

How Can We Help?

The adjuster you hire will take the burden of filing a claim off your shoulders and get you all the money you deserve. We can even look for hidden damages to maximize your settlement.

Essentially, our team can help to:

  • Review all notifications regarding the claim – this is a tedious process and a lot can slip through the cracks
  • Submit the claim within the specified timeframe with all necessary documentation
  • Appeal if the claim is denied

A PA has the knowledge to understand complex insurance policies, the experience dealing with insurance companies, and even know the insurer’s various tactics to minimize payout, and they know how to negotiate to increase your settlement.

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters

We sympathize with the situation you currently find yourself in but don’t make the mistakes that other homeowners have made in the past. This includes starting the clean-up process without having an insurance adjuster or public adjuster assess the damages. 

Not documenting with pictures before, during, and after you have cleaned. 

Not keeping receipts of repairs or work that was done. 

The list goes on.

When you need to find a public adjuster, get in touch with our team. We take the time during our initial consult to sit down and understand your claim and your needs throughout the process. We’re available whenever you need us, 24/7.

For residential claims in Cocoa Beach, contact Alpha Public Adjusters. Call (888) 442-5742 for a free consultation.