What Should You Know To Find A Public Adjuster That Will Fight For You?

By Public Adjuster

After an accident, storm, or claim made by you to the insurance company an adjuster assesses the damage. The insurance company works off the advice from their adjuster to determine the payout you will receive. 

Insurance carriers set in-house guidelines for the adjuster to follow, and these professionals are told to lowball you and settle the claim quickly. You can be receiving less than what you are owed, and you may have to cover the rest of these costs out of your pocket. 

You can level the playing field by hiring a public adjuster; that works for you and objectively evaluates the claim. These professionals know the insurance industry and can help you get the maximum amount out of the claim. Here are several things you should think about to find a public adjuster that will fight for you. 

Are You Working with One Adjuster?

Whenever you hire a public adjuster, you want to find out if you are working with one person or several professionals. You want to go with a company that will give you one adjuster to walk you through the claim from start to finish. 

Sometimes, public adjusters have different opinions about valuing the claim, and one might not be an expert in a specific area. If the company assigns you a single adjuster, these professionals are knowledgeable and specialize in a particular field.

For example, if you are filing a claim after a fire, working with a knowledgeable professional in these areas makes the process easier. They know how to estimate the damage to get the maximum payout from the insurance company. When there are two or more adjusters, one might not have as much expertise or experience with these claims. They will value things differently when assessing the damage to put everything into a dollar amount. 

A single adjuster is a sign of specialization that can get you what you deserve from the insurance company. 

Alpha Public Adjusters takes the time to sit down, listen, and see what is necessary to get the most out of the claim. The process starts with our initial consultation, where we gain insights as to what is involved. The information you provide helps us to find the best professional to assist you with the claim from start to finish. 


A public adjuster will handle everything surrounding your claim by looking at your policy and the clauses. As experts in their field, these professionals take a lot of the hard work away from you. 

However, you might want to be involved throughout filing the claim and know what is happening. In these situations, you should ask the public adjuster about the frequency of communication. You are not trying to run things but want to stay updated on your case. An excellent adjuster lets you know how frequently they will email and call you to tell you how things are progressing. 

You want to find a public adjuster that keeps you in the loop and communicates frequently. 

Alpha Public Adjusters is the most professional in South Florida, as we communicate with you through every step of the process. We get results for our clients ranging from 200% to 600% above what the insurance companies offer. Go with the proven experience to get the job done right by calling us for your evaluation. 


Next, you want to go with a public adjuster that puts you at ease, and you feel they can do an excellent job. These professionals are someone you like and can work with to settle your claim for the highest amounts. 

One way of increasing your confidence is to speak with past clients about their cases. An outstanding public adjuster can provide you with clients, facts, and figures to show how they helped them. Those adjusters that give you this information will increase your comfort level and confidence.

You want to work with someone who you believe will do the best job for you from the begging to the end. 

Even if your claim has been denied, Alpha Public Adjusters can give you a second opinion to get what you deserve. We helped people like you where their claim was denied and reevaluated the case to make the insurance company honor its commitments. 

We Are Available 24 Hours

These are some things you want to consider to find a public adjuster that will fight for you. Call Alpha Public Adjusters today at 888-542-5742 and let us help you get the highest amounts for your claim. We are available 24 hours a day, and will not stop until we settle the claim successfully in your favor. 

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