The Benefits Of Using A Public Adjuster

By Public Adjuster

When an accident that causes damage to your property occurs, be sure to consult a public adjuster. Chances are, if you take on the insurance company alone, you will not get back as much as a public insurance adjuster can.


South Florida residents are all too familiar with what can happen during a hurricane. Wind and water damage are almost certain but what if there’s a fire? This too is something that your public adjuster can help you with. So what exactly does a public adjuster do? We’ll answer that question and more in this article. 


Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters serves all of South Florida with an office in Plantation, FL. From Miami-Dade to Martin counties, you can turn to us to help you with your insurance claim. We provide both residential and commercial public adjuster services. Our commitment is to help you get the maximum amount of money you deserve from your insurance claim.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is a licensed professional that policyholders can employ to represent their best interests during a property claim. They make it easier for policyholders to work with an expert advocate and level the playing fields with their insurance providers. 


The public adjuster assists policyholders in settling claims and filing required paperwork. The public adjuster works on your behalf, not the insurance company. Many policyholders will hire a public adjuster before they hire an attorney to avoid any litigation, saving them time and money.


You should hire a public adjuster in the event that your home or business is damaged from water, wind, or fire. The costs of repair to your property can be astronomical, that is what you have insurance for. Our job is to make sure your claim is filed right the first time and that you receive the maximum amount allowed by your policy.


Filing a residential or commercial claim can be a stressful ordeal. You have lost your personal belongings, and now you have to deal with your insurance company and go through the claims process. A public adjuster can offer help when you need it the most.

When Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?

Consider hiring a public adjuster if any of the following applies:


  • You haven’t got the time to deal with the insurance company. 

You have a full life with work, family, and friends. Maybe you simply don’t want to deal with the stress of trying to get a claim processed.


  • Your insurance policy seems a little confusing.

Sometimes insurance contracts can be complicated and full of legal terms you don’t understand. A licensed public insurance adjuster will review your policy and explain anything that doesn’t seem clear.


  • You have experienced severe property damage. 

Complex claims can arise from severe property damage. Sometimes, claims that you are entitled under your policy or certain types of damage can be overlooked. Public adjusters will help you properly value your loss, and account for valuables and possessions.


  • The insurance company offers a quick payment. 

Sometimes, even the best customer service is just a way to make a claim disappear and get you to settle less because you feel stressed. It is important not to rush to sign anything before you fully understand the impact of a claim.


  • Your claim appears to have been delayed. 

This is often the case when claims get log-jammed due to a major catastrophe. All states require insurance companies to respond within a certain time frame. Get help if you feel like you are being ignored.


  • Your settlement offer seems to be much lower than what you anticipated.

Insurance company adjusters and carriers don’t always work in the best interests of policyholders. They are there to make a profit, so they may assess your property differently. Sometimes, offers won’t even come close to the cost of restoring damaged property.

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