Learn Why You Need Public Adjuster In Five Minutes Or Less

By Residential Claims

Whether you are filing a commercial claim or residential claims in Ft. Lauderdale, it helps to have the experienced guidance of a Florida public adjuster. Whether you are dealing with water damage caused by a leaky pipe, fire damage due to faulty wiring, or another disaster, it is important that you receive sufficient compensation for your damaged property and personal belongings. Don’t let your insurance company give you the runaround. Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters to maximize your settlement and get your life back in order. If you do not believe you need an insurance adjuster, we will explain why you do in less than five minutes.

What Can A Florida Public Adjuster Do For You?

When you experience damages after a disaster, your insurer will send out an insurance adjuster to assess the damage and determine how much you are entitled to. If the adjuster does not report everything, your settlement may be grossly undervalued. If you suspect foul play, hiring a public adjuster offers a second opinion.

They will perform the same assessment of your property and personal belongings and attribute a fair amount. If it is higher than what the insurance adjuster offered, you can reject their original offer.

The public adjuster you hire can help you draft a counteroffer, asking how the insurance adjuster came up with their valuation and explaining why you are rejecting it. This marks the beginning of the negotiating process, which can be difficult if you do not have prior experience negotiating with large insurance companies. As a result, it is within your best interest to keep a public adjuster by your side through the entire process.

Public Adjusters Have Years Of Experience

A public adjuster understands the industry, having spent years helping clients fight insurance giants. In many cases, the public adjuster you hire used to work for insurance companies before switching over to help policyholders. As a result, they have inside knowledge of the dealings and tactics used by insurers and their adjusters. This information can be critical during every step of your claims process. They are also knowledgeable about local Florida laws regarding insurance claims and have the necessary training to maximize your settlement.

You Can Sit Back And Relax

The team at Alpha Public Adjusters will oversee the entire insurance claims process. We understand that you have recently endured a major loss and it’s likely that you’re in a vulnerable position. Not only do we want you to focus on getting your life back, but we know how a fragile emotional state can lead to mistakes. So does your insurer and they will use this to take advantage of you. Fortunately, we won’t let that happen. We will be your first line of defense against unscrupulous insurance adjusters who won’t hesitate to exploit your vulnerability to decrease your payout.

Public Adjusters Work For You, Not The Insurer

We work for you, not the insurance company. We will take the time during the initial consultation to get to know your situation and your claim needs.

We Can Help Get Your Settlement Faster

We understand that our clients want their lives to return to normal as soon as possible. Therefore, we are thorough and diligent, but we also work quickly. The same cannot be said of insurance adjusters who typically drag out the claims process to look for mistakes in your application or other reasons to deny your claim or devalue your settlement.

Contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters

Now that you know how you benefit from working with a public adjuster, let us explain the Alpha experience.  Our team will:

  • Work until you are fully compensated by your insurance provider
  • Take the time to get to know you and your needs
  • Always keep you informed throughout the claims process – from start to finish
  • File the claim on your behalf, along with all the necessary documentation
  • Negotiate your settlement with your insurance company

Our work speaks for itself. We encourage you to review our recent results to see how we have helped our clients maximize their settlements. It clearly shows that the insurance company does not want to give you the maximum settlement even though you are entitled to it.

For residential claims in Ft. Lauderdale, contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters. Call (888) 442-5742 toll-free for a free consultation. We also service residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties.