Work With A Public Adjuster To Determine If Damaged Items Are Salvageable

By Public Adjuster Residential Claims

It is never easy to file residential claims in Cocoa Beach after experiencing a house fire. Homeowners must work with their insurance company, the insurance adjuster provided to them, and get their life back in order all at once. An important step in the claims process is determining whether the property is salvageable or unsalvageable, which the insurance adjuster will determine after assessing the damages.

Continue reading to learn the differences between these categories because they have different impacts in terms of compensation. Additionally, it’s important to fight back if the insurance adjuster says an item is salvageable when it clearly is in terrible condition. 

Property That Is Unsalvageable

Before you file your claim, it is important to read your insurance policy to learn what it covers and how you will be paid for property that is unsalvageable. Will you be covered for the replacement cost or the actual cash value? How does this make a difference? The actual cash value is based on the depreciated value of the item, but the replacement cost does not consider depreciation. As a result, you will receive more compensation if the insurance policy covers the replacement cost value. You will find this information in your policy, so make sure to read it in its entirety.

What To Do If Your Items Are Unsalvageable?

It is important to hire a home insurance adjuster, as policyholders can easily be cheated out of money they are entitled to, as insurers typically undervalue items that cannot be saved. It is important to come up with a list of everything that was destroyed in the fire. If you can’t recognize the item because it is badly burned, try to memorize all your personal belongings, and make note of all items that cannot be located. Every item should be listed, even the most insignificant.

This will take a lot of time and effort on your part, as you must detail the age and condition of the item before it was destroyed. You must also research how much it will cost to replace the item. Following this step is negotiating with your insurance claims adjuster to come up with a fair amount you are owed. We do not recommend doing this on your own, as insurance adjusters can deploy several tactics to undervalue your items without your knowledge. Instead, contact Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters to maximize your settlement.

Property That Is Salvageable

Your insurer will try to claim that most of your items are salvageable. However, some items may look intact, but should still be replaced. Smoke and soot are toxic, and the smoke odor is difficult to remove from personal belongings, such as rugs and furniture. It can significantly reduce the longevity of most products, including expensive electronic equipment. If you have attempted to restore an item but the damages were irreparable, your insurer should compensate you for the item. If they do not lift a finger to assist you, you still have options. First, we recommend being involved with every decision during your claims process. You should also work with a public adjuster from our team for claim representation and recovery.

What To Do If Your Items Are Declared Salvageable?

Do not let items be removed from your home until you have personally inspected them and determined that they can be salvaged. This is something you must bring up with your insurer and make sure that it is in writing. If the item can be saved, make sure it is tested for smoke damage after it has been professionally cleaned. If it fails the test, inform your insurer and let our public adjusters negotiate that more items than originally stated should be declared unsalvageable. If you do not want certain damaged items to be cleaned, our team will work with the insurance company to give you the money for the cleaning bill instead. Your policy has a limit to what can be spent. Do not let the insurer waste what little you have attempting to salvage irreparable items.

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