The Keys to having a Successful Claim: Insurance Adjusters

By Public Adjuster

Anytime there is property damage, a complex process starts working with the insurance company to payout what is owed. The problem is that there is no simple approach in determining what happened and responsibility. Insurance adjusters play a critical role in assessing the damage and offering recommendations for the claim. They are the key to having a successful claim, but the process is cumbersome and confusing. The big challenge is working with the adjusters and navigating everything to create a favorable outcome. There are several things you need to know about to have a positive experience and get the desired results. They decide if the insurance company will pay the claim or deny it based on your handling of the situation. 

  • Understand the Role of Insurance Adjusters

Adjusters are the people the carrier sends out to assess the damage and determine who is at fault. During the process, they will look at a number of factors including examining the policy, taking pictures, and interviewing witnesses. They are making certain that the insurance company must pay out a claim based upon how the policy is written. 

For example, in causality insurance, there are two types of policies as first party and third party liability. First party liability covers the risk for any damages regardless of who is at fault. Third-party is limited to those situations where another party is involved that causes property damage or injury. The adjuster looks at the policy to see what is covered to get an idea of responsibility. They will then go to the location and look at the damages, take pictures, and interview witnesses. The adjuster wants to know what happened and the policy’s role in covering damages from an accident or event.  Their recommendation is used by the insurance company to decide the amount of the claim and what you receive. The adjuster is the person whose opinion the carrier relies on upon making the final determination. Knowing their role is the key to ensuring the process goes smoothly and what is involved. 

  • Knowing the Adjuster’s Loyalties

The adjuster is an insurance professional who is trained to assess damages, study policies, and make recommendations. Their loyalties vary depending on who they work for and how they look at the case. Their recommendations are different based upon the adjuster, who is paying them, and what they examine. Those who work for the insurance company are told to keep the claims as low as possible. They are encouraged to not get carried away with their assessments and make sure the awards are reasonable. A public adjuster is hired by you to protect your interests and double-check the work from the insurance company. Their focus is to help you receive the maximum amount possible and prevent anything from slipping through the cracks. The loyalties of the adjuster are different depending on who they work for and it decides the final claim. 

  • The Negotiation Process

Adjusters that work for the insurance company are judged by two standards the amount of the claims and the timeframes for settlements. They usually work on 100 claims a month and do not know a lot about the case. They can talk about their experience in dealing with insurance claims but cannot go into the particulars of your situation. These adjusters do not have the resources or time to thoroughly study the claim and want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. They have a window to work within for all settlements and try to stay within these guidelines without receiving approval from a supervisor. After an agreement is made, they forward the paperwork to the proper department and move onto the next case. The key to having a successful claim is to realize that you know more about the case than the adjuster. You must talk about everything and make sure that nothing is left out to get the highest award. 


Insurance adjusters are the ones who decide the total amount of the claims received from the insurance company. A successful case is where you know their role, the loyalties, and the negotiation process. These factors determine if the outcome is favorable to you and covers the total extent of your losses. If you or someone you know could use the help of a claims adjuster in Plantation, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts here at Alpha Public Adjusters!