What Can a Florida Public Adjuster Assist You With?

By Public Adjuster

When you’re looking for a Florida Public Adjuster, there’s a good chance that you’re forgoing some sort of home or business damage. Devastations to the home that are accidental and of natural causes aren’t uncommon, but they always come as an unwelcome surprise. There are many questions when you discover that something is destroyed or within your home. You might be curious as to whom you should call first. 


Is hiring a public adjuster worth it? 

What does a public adjuster even do? 

Wouldn’t it be faster and more lucrative to simply call your insurance company? 


At Alpha Public Adjusters, we’ve heard all of these concerns and more, which is why we’ve created an article about how public adjusters can help, and in what areas they can assist with. Keep reading to learn more! 


What Cases Does a Public Adjuster Handle? 


Before we get into what a public adjuster does, let’s talk about the types of cases that they handle. There are numerous forms of home damage. In South Florida, one of the most common types of devastation is flooding. It’s important to note that flooding is not covered under homeowner’s insurance in the state of Florida, due to its commonness. However, small floods that stem from a leaking appliance or a leaking roof are covered. While insurance companies are sensitive to the severity of water damage, they are always the first to ask if there were any signs that these devastations could or would happen. This will determine whether or not they think you rightfully deserve your settlement to fix the problem. For example, if you have a very old roof, yet refuse to upkeep the roof, then the insurance company will not be as sympathetic to a damaged or leaking roof. However, if you have recently put on a new roof and have consistent check-ins, then they’ll be more responsive to handing you your policies settlement amount. The job of the public adjuster in this situation is collecting evidence that you are worthy of that settlement, and that you deserve to be compensated. 


Another common issue that public adjusters deal with is fire damage. Fire can happen in a home easily, from candles, an appliance, or a kitchen accident. However, mother nature can also play a hand in devastating events with ground lightning. If you’ve lived in Florida a long time, then you know that thunderstorms can get out of hand. Florida is home to some of the most ground lightning cases, which can easily set a home or business on fire. A public adjuster will need to assess the damage and decide whether or not the reasoning for the fire is natural enough to negotiate with the insurance company. 


Last, but certainly not least, a public adjuster deals with mold, mildew, wind damage, and even vandalism. All of these are covered under homeowner’s insurance. Mold is common, especially in South Florida where the weather is conducive to its growth. Like water damage, mold isn’t always the easiest to prove, which is why it’s important to hire a professional to do the work for you. 


What Does a Public Adjuster Do for Me? 


Now that we know more about what a public adjuster does, let’s dive into what they can assist with. A public adjuster acts as the middleman between yourself and your insurance company. They decide whether or not your situation is worth diving into and they help you build a solid case. The way public adjusters work is that they get paid when you do, meaning that there’s equal incentive there for both you and your adjuster to work together. They take care of some of the less exciting realms of filing an insurance claim, such as the insurance paperwork, documenting damages, gathering evidence, and hopping on calls to negotiate your payout. 


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