Three Tips for Working with a Home Insurance Adjuster

By Public Adjuster

Just imagine a fire or hurricane destroys everything you own leaving you confused and frustrated. You have to work with the insurance company to see if they will honor the claim to help you start over. The process is challenging if you go at it alone as you do not know everything in the policy or how it works. The insurance company sends out their personnel to assess the damage and determine the levels of compensation necessary to help you recover. 

The problem is that these professionals are paid by the carrier and follow select guidelines that can easily and negatively impact the amount of compensation you receive. The result is you get less than what you need and are never able to recover from the event entirely. A home insurance adjuster is someone you hire to double-check everything and help you receive what you deserve. They work for you, to help you get the results that are best for you! When choosing a public adjuster, there are three critical areas to pay attention to, we’ve listed them below.

Paperwork & Documentation

Anytime you are reporting a loss to the insurance company, they will require documentation from you. The most common include a police/fire report, information about the home’s construction, and anything to give the carrier a clear perspective of the loss. The insurance company will send out their own adjuster to assess the situation and determine the scope of the damages. Their recommendation decides how much the policy pays out and what you will cover from your own pocket. 

It is during this stage when you want to hire your own adjuster in advance. They will look over everything on your policy to determine if there were any mistakes made by the insurance company. The paperwork and information you gather provides a complete account of what happened and the extent of the loss. A good approach is to create a list that details everything which was destroyed and how much it is worth. Insurance companies will compensate you for similar items based on what you provide. Be honest in your assessment to ensure full transparency and make the process go smoother. The adjuster you hire uses this information and everything you collect to make sure the claim is accurate. 

  • Know What Your Policy Doesn’t Cover

Most people do not know what is not covered in their policy and make critical assumptions that are wrong. It hurts their chances of having the insurance company honor the claim as they are looking for a reason to deny it. The adjuster you hire helps you to know where there are these exclusions and how to handle them. They offer advice early in the process that makes things easier and less complicated. The result is you do not admit or say things to the carrier’s adjuster that they will use against you. 

For example, after there is water damage to your property it is never a good idea to say it is your fault. The insurance company’s adjuster uses this information to show that you are the one causing the damage and they deny the claim. It makes it harder to recover from these events when the carrier believes you caused the loss. The adjuster you hire in advance helps to prepare you for talking with the insurance and what to say. They are interested in assisting you to get the maximum amount possible from the claim.  

  • Never Sign Anything 

Never sign anything until you are satisfied with the claim and what you will receive. Sometimes the insurance company offers a lower award to get you to accept it. The problem is that you might not be receiving what you are owed and can appeal the decision. The adjuster you hire helps you through this process and determines if the offer is fair. They assist you with the appeal to ensure that you receive the highest possible award. 


We Can Help

A home insurance adjuster is someone who helps you to get the money you deserve. Three things you can do to maximize your experience are gathering all paperwork, knowing what is not covered, and not signing anything. These tips ensure the process works smoothly and with the least headaches for you. To learn more about this and how we can help, contact the team here at Alpha Public Adjusters today!