How to Find a Public Adjuster that Can Actually Help!

By Public Adjuster

When your home is in danger, there’s nothing more frustrating than deciding whom to call. Tons of questions run through your head and you’re never exactly sure of which one to answer first or whether or not they even have answers!

Do you call the public adjusters?

Do you call the insurance company? 

Do you call a restoration company? 

Do you try to clean up the mess yourself? 

Do you really need the insurance money? 

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone. Every year, millions of individuals face the challenging scenario of their home being underwater, caught in a small fire, or filled with mold. Fortunately, there are people out there who can guide you through these tumultuous times. At Alpha Public Adjusters, we’re here when you’re looking to find a public adjuster near you. If you’re interested in knowing how to find the perfect public adjuster for you, keep reading! 


  • Check the Online Reviews 

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re looking for a public adjuster is to read their online reviews. All public adjusters who are reputable and professional will have reviews that reflect their helpful services. In addition to being useful service providers, it’s important that they also have a reputation for being tenacious in their approach to assisting their clients. A public adjuster’s main job is helping their clients receive their maximum insurance payout so that they can remodel their home or repair the damages. They also aid in completing paperwork and negotiating with insurance companies. Not only do they save their clients time, but they also save them money. A public adjuster should be good at what they do when it comes to project management and securing the appropriate funds. 


  • First Impressions 

When you first call a public adjuster, they should answer the phone with grace. If you’ve ever called a vendor, only to be put off by their aggressiveness or lack of care, the same can happen with public adjusters. Because dealing with the damages of your sacred home can be sensitive enough, the last thing you’ll want is to work with a company that doesn’t have compassion or your best interest at heart. When you first call a public adjustment company to inquire about their services, pay attention to the way you are greeted, as it will translate into the attitude they have throughout closing your case. This is the manner in which you can expect communication to continue throughout your interaction with them. If it’s bad in the beginning, it probably won’t get better! Don’t risk it.


  • Makes It Easy to Ask Questions 

When your home is in ruins, you’re going to have questions, there’s no if ands or buts about it. Fortunately, when you have a quality public adjuster on your side, you can rest at ease knowing that you can ask questions at any time. A public adjuster is a middleman between yourself and the insurance company but they shouldn’t exclude you out of the process. It’s natural for you to want to know what’s going on and they should more than willing to assist. If you feel unsafe asking questions, or you feel that they aren’t being answered with kindness or care, then it’s time to find a different team to work with. 


  • Check Their Services 

Not all public adjusters do the same type of work. Some public adjusters specialize in one field over another, making it important for you to be sure that the adjuster you’re inquiring about has experience in the damages you’ve gone through. You can generally check the services provided by visiting their website. To see what Alpha Public Adjusters offer, visit our website at


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