Why Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

By FL Public Adjuster

When some unexpected home damage occurs, such as an overflowing toilet or fire damage to a room, you need to call your insurance agent to help cover the damage costs to your home. However, for most homeowners, it is confusing and a little overwhelming to file claims and come to an agreement about the amount they should pay to you for the damage.

If you need a public adjuster for your residential claims, Boca Raton offers many companies that provide such services to help you out during these worrying times. Alpha Public Adjusters make sure homeowners who have filed for claims receive all the benefits they are entitled to after a property damage loss. They have experienced professionals who help policyholders in speeding up the claim process and in preventing costly mistakes.

To know more about Alpha Public Adjusters and similar companies, this article will discuss a few reasons you should hire a public adjuster when facing some residential damage.

What Is the Claim Process?

For example, your property has just faced severe fire damage, and you decide to file an insurance claim to get repairs taken care of with the insurance money. To file a claim, you dial up your insurance company and report the incident and the damage that has occurred.

Once the complaint is made, the insurance company would send their insurance adjuster to your property to come up with cost estimates. If you and the insurance company cannot agree on the cost of damage, this is when you can hire a public adjuster to help you out.

Public Adjusters

An insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and would benefit the insurance company rather than the homeowner. On the other hand, a public adjuster would work for the interest of the homeowner. Most people aren’t even aware who public adjusters are; why do they need one in this case. They assume the work done by the insurance adjuster is done on their behalf.

The owner employs a public adjuster fully, and the insurance company plays no part in that. The homeowner pays them; in most cases, it is some percentage of the claim amount being demanded by the homeowner. Especially if the damage is severe and the homeowner is worried about getting all costs covered, hiring a public adjust like Alpha Public Adjusters becomes necessary. The sooner you hire on, the better. But how do you know which public adjuster is authentic?

How to Find an Authentic Public Adjuster?

Not all public adjusters have good reputations. To find a reputable public adjuster, start by looking at their credentials, their skills when assessing damages, what experience they have in working with insurance companies, and how well they communicate to get all costs covered in the end.

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

If you feel like the insurance company is not included all necessary costs for your repair claim, then, in that case, hiring a public adjuster is crucial.

Knowledge and Professional Standards

Most states, including Boca Raton, have strict standards for public adjusters. They require special training and knowledge to become a professional and licensed public adjuster. Most public adjusters are fingerprinted and have to pass a background check to become a professional. They should have all the know-how about insurance claims for residential and commercial properties.

Public adjusters also require some skills such as excellent negotiation skills to come up with a settlement between the homeowner and the insurance company. In addition, they need to know that they are negotiating on your behalf, and during this emotional experience, it is not easy for you to think logically about the situation. Public adjusters here need to guide you through the process and do the thinking and negotiating for you. 

Possibility of Missing Part of the Claim

A public adjuster helps you in making sure nothing is missed in the claim and claim settlement. Sometimes there are damages deep within the property that can’t be seen on the surface. Such damages need to be fixed, and an experienced public adjuster like the team here at Alpha Public Adjusters has the expertise to figure out these issues. 

More Claim Settlement Money

With the help of a public adjuster, you can even file for a more significant settlement claim. Most homeowners don’t feel confident enough to negotiate with the insurance adjuster about the claim, but public adjusters are skilled to do that.

As a homeowner, we won’t even spot if something is missing from the claim. Experienced public adjusters know to ask and will effectively negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company adjuster.

The Bottom Line

Next time you face damage to your property, make sure you contact a public adjuster to come to a negotiable claim to cover all your costs.