Which Commercial Claims In Boynton Beach Are The Most Common In The Insurance Industry?

By Commercial Claims Public Adjuster

Businesses face challenges every day from the moment they open their doors to the public. 

According to a survey conducted by Advisor Smith, three out of four businesses experienced an event last year leading to an insurance claim. 

These issues are becoming more frequent as businesses face various risks that expose them to liability. We look at the most common commercial claims in Boynton Beach and how these challenges could impact your business. 

 Cyber Attacks

As technology becomes more prevalent, businesses face the risks of cyber attacks on their computer systems, networks, and operations. 

A good example of this is the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline a few months ago that shut down all gasoline deliveries to most of the East Coast. The company paid the ransom to the hackers to get everything moving again, but the disruptions hurt the company’s image and restricted its operations. 

Businesses are facing increasing waves of cyberattacks that affect their computer systems and operations. To cover these costs, firms will make a commercial claim against their insurance for these events. 

Alpha Public Adjusters are a certified public adjuster that works for you to ensure you get the maximum payout from the insurance company. We know the industry and have years of experience working as adjusters. We will read your policy, evaluate your case, and help you throughout the entire process of filing a claim. 

Slips and Falls

A slip and fall are when someone walks into your business slips on something and falls down. These cases are common, as the business owner has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for the customer from the moment they step onto the property. 

In these situations, your business is open to a lawsuit by the injured person seeking out legal fees, lost wages, and medical expenses. These claims are common at restaurants and retail stores where the public walks in and out of the location. Typically, your general liability policy will cover you for the losses from a slip and fall at your business. 

Alpha Public Adjusters can help, as we will evaluate the situation and work with you through the process of filing a claim. Don’t go at it alone, when you can bring in the insurance professionals that will fight for you and represent your interests. These incidents are common and you need the advice of a professional who can guide you. 


Theft and burglaries are a significant risk for retailers, contractors, construction firms, restaurants, and manufacturers. Theft occurs when employees or would-be customers steal products in the hope that no one is watching. 

For example, retail merchandise can disappear from reduced in-house security by rogue employees and shoplifters. Burglaries are another problem facing businesses, as various vulnerabilities are exploited after hours to steal equipment or products. 

In these situations, businesses use their commercial property insurance to recover some of the losses from theft. Insurance companies try to reduce their losses by sending out claims adjusters to assess the damage and come up with a settlement. The challenge is that these individuals work for the insurance company and are pushed to lowball the claim. The idea is that you will take less than the loss and go away, without affecting the insurance carrier’s bottom line. 

Alpha Public Adjusters can help you with your claim through our outstanding service, communication, and knowledge. We are experts on the entire process and will make everything easy to get you the amount you deserve. 

Water, Wind, and Hail Damage

Florida is known as hurricane country and every year there is always the possibility your business will be damaged. Things such as flooding, flying debris, damaging winds, hail, and falling trees increase your risk.

The situation is more complicated if your business sits in a flood zone or low-lying areas (which increases the chance of these events). After an adverse weather event, businesses are seeking out compensation for the damages from the storm and lost income. Insurance carriers are working overtime to settle these claims as quickly as possible, for the lowest amounts.

Alpha Public Adjusters understands what you are going through after these weather events. We work for you and are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. 

We Will Help You Get the Highest Claims

These are some of the most common commercial claims in Boynton Beach and can impact your business’s ability to remain open. Call Alpha Public Adjusters today at 888-442-5724 and see how we can help get you the maximum amount for your claim. 

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