2 Florida Public Adjusters Myths Debunked

By Public Adjuster

 In the state of Florida, having a public adjusters number handy can reduce a lot of stress. Property damage happens in every state; however, living in Florida makes residents more prone to it. The gorgeous weather and warm climate are a dream, but nothing is perfect. With this beautiful weather comes the harsh rains, humid environment, and hurricane season. All of which can result in property damage raging from flooding and mold to hurricane damages. 


However, property damage isn’t an everyday thing, which is good news because it can be pretty stressful and overwhelming. But, when it does happen, you can avoid all of the stress with Florida public adjuster


Here are 3 myths associated with using a public adjuster that we wanted to provide insight on!


Using a Public Adjuster Will Raise Your Premium

The idea that utilizing a public adjuster’s services will raise your premiums is inaccurate. Your insurance company is not allowed to increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance because a Florida public adjuster is helping you. 


It’s against code for the insurance company to use this as a factor in determining your costs and it’s entirely fair for you to seek help with your insurance claim. While your homeowner’s insurance company may not like that you are receiving assistance, it’s not something they can punish you for. An error-free claim, insurance experience, and the ability to negotiate a better settlement make public adjusters triple threats for the insurance company.  


Public Adjusters Do Not Benefit You

Some people don’t know much about public adjusters and assume it’s a useless service. However, public adjusters are beneficial for everyone with property damage. Whether you are an expert with insurance claims or have never had to complete one before, our services are useful. 


Some of the ways we can help are by reading your insurance policy for you, helping with the insurance claim, negotiating on your behalf, and reaching a high settlement with the insurance company. We can also assist people with denied claims and the appeals process. Getting a denial from your insurance company isn’t the final word, and our team can turn that verdict around into money in your pocket. 


Also, all of these services extend to both residential property damages and commercial property damages. Here at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters (https://www.alphapia.com),  we do it all. 


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