A Trusted Florida Public Adjuster Can Help You With A Denied Claim

By Public Adjuster

Whether you are new to public adjusters and their services or have never heard about them before, they can help you. A Florida public adjuster can help you with your insurance claim, whether it be because of mold, water, wind, storm, or fire damage. 


Many people who know how public adjusters can help them or have used our team in the past are aware of these services. However, what some do not know is that Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters can help in other ways. 


If you did the claim yourself, and it got denied, or if you got less money than you needed, we can help. Our public adjuster team can assist you with the appeals process; that way, you can get the compensation you require. To learn more about how we can help, keep reading!


What Does A Denied Claim Mean?


Often, we see people get less than what they asked for from the insurance company. This lesser amount can happen for a variety of reasons, too. But usually, it comes to the insurance claim itself. However, a denied claim is a little bit different. 


This situation usually means that the insurance company will not be paying for the damage at this time. They either do not think they need to pay for the damage or are not obligated to pay for them.  Either way, when your claim gets denied, there is no money coming your way. This denial means the property damages fall on your shoulders. 


It’s vital to keep in mind that this refusal to pay doesn’t need to be the final decision. There are steps you can take to get the insurance company to reinvestigate the insurance claim.


Why Do Property Damage Claims Get Denied?


There are many reasons why a property damage claim may get denied by the insurance company. Some of these reasons are mistakes on the homeowner’s part, while others are from other factors, such as timeliness. Some of the more common reasons why a homeowners insurance claim gets denied are:


  • Filing the insurance claim late
  • Not paying premiums
  • False or questionable statements
  • Lack of evidence of damages
  • Exclusion clauses
  • Lack of preventative efforts


Denials from not paying premiums, filing the insurance claim late, and a lack of preventative efforts reflect poorly on you as a homeowner, but it isn’t always permanent. Some homeowners do recover and successfully appeal the claim. But, it does take some help, such as that from a public adjuster in Florida


Denied claims because of lack of evidence and false or questionable statements usually comes down to incorrectly filling out the insurance claim. These appeals are easier to achieve and can get you the full compensation amount. However, the insurance claim needs to be flawless the next time you submit it. Because of this, you’ll definitely want to work with an experienced team of public adjusters.


How Can a Florida Public Adjuster Help?


There are many ways our team can turn around your insurance claim denial. But, you should reach out to our team at Alpha Public Insurance Adjusters as soon as you get notice of an insurance claim denial. We say this because there is usually a strict deadline to appeal the denial. And even after you submit the appeal, you need to start the insurance claims process over again. After all, the insurance claim submitted the first time did not warrant compensation. 


This step is where we come in to help. Our team handles the insurance claim process for you. That way, you can trust it gets done without error, and that compensation is received. Our team makes sure the insurance company understands the extent of the damage and what it will cost.


Appeal Your Denied Claim with a Florida Public Adjuster!

Seeing that your property damage insurance claim got denied is not a final answer. There is still hope that you can get compensation for the property damages. It may take an appeal and another try, but with our team helping you out, you can trust that the second try will be successful. To get started with the appeal process, give our team a call at (866) 637-2607 or contact us here (https://www.alphapia.com/contact-us/).